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Medical Automatic X-ray film processor YSX1506

Medical Automatic X-ray film processor YSX1506

The operation is simple, reliable control. ...

  • Medical X-ray film processor YSX1506

    1. The operation is simple, reliable control.
    2. The immersion blunt, image is clear.
    3. Film, continuous washing not reliable card, not laminated any harm.
    4. For developing and drying temperature automatic control, continuous adjustable.
    5. Automatic and manual rehydration.
    6. Important parts of new material, new technology, long service life, easy to clean.
    7. Chassis plasticizing, appearance, excellent corrosion resistance.
    8. Light weight and power saving, low noise.
    9. The electromagnetic valves equipped with water.
    10.Controlled by computer, digital display.
    11. Prevent light send machine, film completely after box into slice. The operating room

    Processing speed 424mm/min, 339mm/min, 283mm/min
    (120S 150S, 180S time for Relative whole process)
    Processing ability 14”×17”53pieces/h, 42pieces/h, 35pieces/h,
    Film width 356mm(14”) (max)
    Film length 100mm(4”) (min)
    Automatic temperature control scale 20~40 developing and fixing
    40 ~ 70 drying
    Chemical liquid tank capacity 8L
    Adding mode auto adding by film area
    Noisiness <60dB
    Power AC 50Hz 220V
    Power consumption 1.3KW max 3KW
    Water consumption 2.5 L/min
    Dimensions 980×660×370mm(L×W×H)
    Weight 68kg
    X-ray Film Processor YSX1506
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