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Modern medical x-ray machines have been grouped into two categories: those that generate "hard" x-rays and those that generate "soft" x-rays. Soft x-rays are the kind used to photograph bones and internal organs. They operate at a relatively low frequency and, unless they are repeated too often, cause little damage to tissues. Hard x-rays are very high frequency rays. They are designed to destroy the molecules within specific cells, thus destroying tissue. Hard x-rays are used in radiotherapy, a treatment for cancer. The high voltage necessary to generate hard x-rays is usually produced using cyclotrons or synchrotrons. These machines are variations of particle accelerators (atom smashers). 
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The VDH gives us some medical x-ray machine information that helps us know more about the medical x-ray machine. Medical machines must be inspected within the established frequency of annually. Any x-ray machine that is determined to be unsafe for human use is restricted from use until the x-ray machine is repaired by a service company, and re-inspected by a Virginia Radiological Health Specialist or permanently removed from service. These regional radiological health specialists audit and monitor private sector inspections and perform compliance inspections of x-ray facilities. View the following tips:

Operational Procedures

X-Ray equipment used in the practice of medicine is inspected every year. Ninety (90) days prior to the expiration on the green certificate, a yellow notice is sent reminding the facility that an inspection is due. Your previous inspector’s name and telephone number is provided.
Exposure control switches should be permanently mounted outside the operatory to allow the operator to remain in a protected area during the exposure. In this case, dosimetry is not required. Stretch cords are not allowed in new office settings. For existing offices with existing units having stretch cords, the stretch cord should be permanently mounted outside the operatory. In this case, dosimetry is not required. If an existing office has existing x-ray equipment with stretch cords, dosimetry is required. An x-Ray Bulletin dated May 1, 1999 provides additional information on exposure control switches and dosimetry.
Routine cleaning of automatic processor maintains good image quality. Regular changing of processor chemistry, keeps image quality at it’s best. As with any darkroom, white light is a film’s worst enemy. Any light leaks, fog the film, reducing the quality of the image. Make sure your darkroom is light tight!
The following should be posted for each inspection:
1. A copy of the Notice to Employees 
2. A copy of the Radiation Safety Procedures 
3. A copy of an Operator’s List 
4. The green certificate for each x-ray unit 

Inspection Requirements 

For medical facilities there is a periodic inspection requirement of once every year that reviews the medical x-ray machine’s performance and facility’s records pertaining to the machine’s use. The inspection may be performed by any of the Private Inspectors qualified to perform inspections on diagnostic machines. See our Private Inspectors list. Please note that the cost of these machine inspections is set by each individual Private Inspector.
After the facility or the Private Inspector provides VDH the inspection report, VDH will either provide the facility a certificate which should be placed in a conspicuous place near the medical x-ray machine if there are no items of serious non-compliance, or refer the inspection report to a VDH inspector for follow up of a serious non-compliance.

Machine Disposal/Inactivation 

An medical x-ray machine may be taken out of service and placed in storage for several reasons such as:
1. Machine cannot be repaired or is too expensive to repair.
2. Does not meet certification requirements.
3. Replaced by a newer machine.
4. Facility seeking disposal options.
The machine does not need to be inspected unless it is being returned to service; however, it must continue to be registered with VDH and registration fees paid, until permanently disposed or transferred/sold to another individual/facility. Electrical power should be disconnected from the medical x-ray machine and preferably placed in storage.
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