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Difference between the Digital x-ray machine and Conventional X- Ray

UpDate:2015-02-09 15:53:59

Question 1: what is Digital radiography technology?
My answer: The simplest way to describe the basis of digital technology is for the average person to relate to their personal camera. And they used to be loaded with bulky rolls of film, that not only were a pain to load but you were unable to be manipulate, delete or view each image upon capture. Then the film still had to go through the messy developing process using a lot of chemicals and in the end you had film strips to physically store for future use. With the introduction of digital technology you can now take your picture, view it within seconds and share it electronically with friends and family,all without the use of environmentally damaging and expensive chemicals and the hassle of storing your processed film.

Question 2 : Do I need a darkroom when I buy a digital X ray system?
My Answer : If you use conventional x-ray machine, the darkroom and film is necessary ; But if use Digital Radiography System, A darkroom and film is not required, you can store the image in the computer and print it.

Question 3 : Is the Image clearer taken by Digital x-ray machine than the images taken by the conventional x ray equipment ?
My Answer : Absolutely Yes. Because the Digital x-ray machine use CCD and the image pixel are less than 9,800,000 and the Resolution is over 3.6/4.5LP/mm. 

Question 4 : What about the radiation effect compare with the conventional x ray equipment ?
My Answer : Less Radiation. When using conventional radiography, it exposes the operator and patient to radiation, but when using Digital x-ray equipment, This reduction in radiation is especially important in implant placement or difficult endodontic therapy, in which multiple images frequently are needed.

Question 5: How long will the DR take the image for the patient compare with the conventional x ray?
My Answer : Images are available in seconds by Digital x ray system. But when using conventional x ray, it may take minutes, because when the doctor finish the operation, they have to take out of cassette and go to the darkroom to develop the film by processor. 

Question 6: Can the image taken by digital x-ray machine be stored and edit ?
My Answer : Yes it can. Compare with the conventional radiography, the film must be developed by film processor. But when using Digital x-ray machine we can store the image in the computer through the Image acquisition software (workstation). The Image
acquisition software include patient registration, image acquisition, cutting, negative image, image turning over, revolving, contraction and release, tagging, translation, demonstration, image window width and position adjustment, dicom image transmission, dicom film printing, worklist function, statistical inquiry image dedicated processing technology.
According to the above advantage of Digital x-ray machine, I advise the clinicians to abandon the conventional x ray equipment and to adopt Digital x-ray system. For right now the cost of DR have reduce sharply. It’s a good time to get one and promotion diagnostic level for your clinic.
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