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Digital Radiography

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The Digital Radiography has high resolution images, informative image in comparing with general X-ray radiography so that it is helpful for improving accurate of diagnosis. In the working of Digital Radiography, X-ray can convert into electronic by the Flat Plane Detector so it has a great effort on quality of DR image.
First: The character of Digital Radiography      
1. The image of Digital Radiography is clear, high resolution, larger information and wide dynamic range.
2. It is the most important character of attaining more image details and high resolution of density than general photography.
3.  Digital Radiography has fast speed of projection and few effect on sport artifact. Especially, it is good for crying baby and old guys.
4. Small radiation of  Digital Radiography.  Because the sensitivity of DR  Fiat Detector is higher than general radiation so it only need small energy to get satisfied image. And the other important point is that the radiation of DR is less than 30 percentage to 70 percentage in comparing with general photography.

5.  Digital Radiography is better than traditional X-ray photography in projection of bone structure, articular cartilage and soft tissue. It is easy to project blood vessels and trachea.
       In a word, with the development of science and technology, performance of DR will further improve and enhance the quality of DR and offer the better diagnosis for doctors.
      Checking the baseline stability and basic noise
      Guide league selected switch is used to the experiment and record on standard sensitivity place. But the baseline migration is less than 1mm and irregular movement caused by noise is less than 0.3mm.
       Reason of changing sensitivity degree
       If the main waveform of patient is too high or too low, we will change sensitivity degree. After that, we have to recalibrate and indicate the sensitivity.
       Checking the  damping
       Inspecting calibration square-wave. If the rising margins top and down the top margin appear rounded corners, it will indicate that the damping is too large. If there are rush on and ran down, it will indicate that the damping is too small. Without obvious rounded and overshoot, the damping is normal.
        Some ECG are applied in ac/dc. It can extend the battery service life of ECG according to usage policy.
        The symbol of ECG paper coordinates
        Verticalvirgule represent the voltage coordinates and one case is 0.1V 
        Horizontal line represent time coordinate and record ECG, the paper speed is 25mm/s and one case represent 0.04s

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