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Digital radiographic system

UpDate:2015-12-25 13:31:28

Digital radiographic system UC arm or U arm lifting guide
The present invention discloses a digital radiography system UC arm or U arm lifting guiding device, including installation in post relative on the surface of the two vertical guide rail, and around the post lifting bucket, but also in vertical guide on both sides of the at least a pair of bearing axis core and the corresponding bearing, bearing axis core including bearing bar and axis core chassis, bearing a socket mentioned bearing bar and its interference fit, axis core chassis installed in lifting bucket, bearing bar of the axial line deviation axis core chassis axial line. The present invention through will bearing axial line deviating from the bearing axis core axial line, make elevator guide bearing and guide the clearance between can be changed, and clearance adjustment is very convenient, do not need any tools, unarmed rotary bearing core shaft can adjust bearing and guide gap, this kind of structure, the parts production cost reduction, installation is simpler and more convenient, more screw fixation, the use of more reliable, and the service life of the equipment greatly extended.

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