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100mA Medical Radiography X-ray Machine YSX0102

100mA Medical Radiography X-ray Machine YSX0102

USE: General radiography, Filter-ray device radiography ...

  • 100mA Medical Radiography X-ray Machine YSX0102

    USE: General radiography, Filter-ray device radiography

    Unit Configuration 
    Control, HT generator unit,Ht cable,X-ray tube unit,Diagnostic table,Collimator

    1. Single table and single tube
    2. Design according to the electric mechanism of middle-size machine ,The function is reasonable
    3. High-tension system is of split structure, with high-voltage generator of full-wave rectification and stable operation
    4. Supply voltage (V), photograph kilovolt (kv) and stepless adjust able
    5. Equipped with the manostat for filament of X-ray tube and the spacecharge compensator as to ensure the stable and accurate output
    6. Equipped with the capacity limitation and portection circuit and KV mA S interlock limitation and protection
    7. The timer circuit grade according to R10 priority coefficient and an exact time control
    8. The radiograph flat table has a vibrating ray-filter
    9. The pillar hast has only the bottom track only, with easy installation


    Supply power Voltage 220V/380V±10single phase
    Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz
    Capacity 10KVA
    Intemal resistance 380v:2Ω,220V:0.6Ω(2Ωat80v; 06Ωat220V)
    Max DC output voltage 90KV
    Max DC output current 100mA
    Radiograph Voltage 50-90KV
    current Small focus 15mA , big focus30mA 60mA 100mA
    time 0.04-6.3s,24grades together
    High-voltage generator Capacity 7KVA
    X-Ray tube Model XD4-2.9/100
    Focus Small focus 1.8mm  big focus4.3mm
    Radiograph table Bed face (L×W×H) 1960×660mm×700mm
    Bucky Grid density N28
    Convergence distance fo 100cm
    Grid ratio r8
    Max size of cassette 356mm×432mm(14×17)
    Pollar of X-ray source unit Moving in length (along The bottom  table ) 1350mm
    moving un breath 360mm
    moving up and down 720~1800mm
    Focus of X-Ray tube Radiograph mA Max Radiograph KV Max exposure time allow
    Small focus 15mA 90KV 6.3S
    Large focus 30mA 90KV 6.3S
    60mA 90KV 6.3S
    100mA 85KV 2.5S
    Note: We will  make another notice if the contour of product and technical parameters will be changed
    Net Weight:            Gross: 600kg         Packing size: 218*81*110

    General Medical X-Ray Machine YSX0102
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