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2015-01-30Medical X-Rays Overview
From broken bones to life threatening illnesses, medical x-ray machines help diagnose and treat numerous medical conditions. In fact, seven out of ten people receive either a dental or medical x-ray every year. Literally thousands of x-ray ...
2015-01-29Medical Imaging(1)
Various imaging tests are available for diagnostic purposes. What are the different types of medical imaging? Among the wide array of technologies in modern medicine, medical imaging is a major advancement. The ability to take pictures o ...
Mammography is a type of medical imaging that uses medical x-ray to capture images (mammograms) of the internal structures of the breasts. Quality mammography X-ray machinecan help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages ...
2015-01-29What is fluoroscopy?
Description Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that shows a continuous x-ray image on a monitor, much like an medical x-ray movie. It is used to diagnose or treat patients by displaying the movement of a body part or of an inst ...
2015-01-28Medical X-ray Machine
Modern medical x-ray machines have been grouped into two categories: those that generate "hard" x-rays and those that generate "soft" x-rays. Soft x-rays are the kind used to photograph bones and internal organs. They operate at a relativel ...
2015-01-01What is X-rays? Can We See It?
X-rays are a high-energy type of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. X-ray radiation has a much shorter wavelength than visible light, so medical X-ray photons have much higher energies than photons of light. X-rays lie between ultraviolet ...
2015-12-25CT imaging
South Carolina, Charleston University School of Medicine research team led by Markus Weininger a preliminary study found that, Cardiac MRI may face adenosine stress myocardial perfusion CT imaging of a challenge. The study acquires R ...
2015-12-25Digital radiographic system
Digital radiographic system UC arm or U arm lifting guide The present invention discloses a digital radiography system UC arm or U arm lifting guiding device, including installation in post relative on the surface of the two vertical ...
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