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The domestic enterprises should pay more attention to the trend of the international rules and regulations

Time:2011-12-02 11:50:04       Edietor: admin

30th, November, SGS- cstc standards technology service company has hold access seminar of medical equipment international market in Guangzhou with Guangzhou Yueshen Import & Export Co., Ltd..

Recently, the international medical devices market scale has expanded quickly and medical equipment demand grown and made China medical device industry achieve rapid development; With export scale expanding, medical equipment export has faced more and more new requirments of importers and customer; Foreign customers will pay more attention to the quality of medical equipment and accessories and they ask manufacturers and suppliers to supply the best quality products constantly. At the same time, medical instrument will face market access requirements of every country. What are the requirments? How does enterprises face it and how to get the market access of importing countries?

At present, consumption proportion of Global medicine and medical equipment is about 10:7, but developed countries have achieved 1:1.02. The global medical devices market scale has accounted for 42% of total scale of international medicine market and has a tend of expanding. Our country medical equipment industrial output has breakthrough 1000 billion yuan and the production scale of many medical devices ranked the world’s first. In 2010, the average monthly exports of our country medical equipments were 12.25 billion dollars; In November and December, exports were more than 14 billion dollars. It shows that the international market has relied increasingly on our country medical devices.

Although medical equipment export market has expanded gradually, general technical content of the products of domestic medical device manufacturing enterprise is lower; From the constitute of the whole export enterprises to look, foreign investment and joint venture enterprise are still the subject of domestic medical equipment export. Facing expanding of industry scale, improving the product technical content and product quality are the key of medical equipment export enterprise capturing international market. Domestic medical equipment export enterprise should pay more attention to products quality and know about the international market access requirements and specific provisions of every national standards in advance and be ready for production and export and offer guarantee for expanding international market..

The genaral manager of Yueshen company said that our country medical device industry would increase continually. Improving product quality to increase product competition is the challenge of many enterprises face. Yueshen will organise technology training for improving market competitiveness of products and increase the ability of independent innovation and management level. In addition, Yueshen has passed a series of nternational famous certification, such as CE, ISO9001, SGS certification and provide with prerequisites to enter into international market.

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