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How to remove muscle power interference and alternating current interference when do ECG examination?

Time:2011-08-16 15:57:35       Edietor: admin

Limb muscle tension, shivers and postures discomfort will cause muscle power interference and the image is high frequency sawtooth wave of irregular. Alternating current interference: Power is the most widely and strongest electric field interference. Bad grounding, bad surface processes and bad guide connection line contact all cause this phenomenon. Now let me introduce the removing ways of it.

(1)   Indoor temperature is appropriate and avoid this reason cause alternating current interference

(2)   Connect reliable landlines when use ac power ECG

(3)Make power line of ECG be far away from observation bed and don’t put other electric appliances and power line.

 (4)Examination bed width isn’t less than 75cm and adviod body tension cause alternating current interference, such as one side of examination bed is against wall and must make sure no power line is against the wall.

(5) Eliminate patients nervousness

(6) Relax body, breath quietly

(7) The surface dirt or hair is too much and should clean surface or shave wool

(8)Use anti-interference key when it is necessary: (1) Press alternating current interference key, HUM; (2) Press muscle power interference key, EMG  

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