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SonoScape S12 Color Doppler Ultrasound

15" High resolution LED color monitor and four transducer connectors
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SonoScape S12 Price - SonoScape Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine S12

SonoScape S12 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound S12

Among the SonoScape’s trolley color Doppler systems, SonoScape S12 redefines price and performance with practical design. As an easy-to-use ultrasound system, the SonoScape S12 will go beyond your expectations but not your budget.
High definition LED monitor with articulating arm
User-oriented multinational language input keyboard
Compact and agile trolley design
Four active transducer sockets available for a wide range of applications New software platform
  -especially optimized for smooth workflow
  -speed up the exam process
Customized settings based on your own working style
Full patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, DVD and PDF report
Precise Capabilities, Improve Doctors’ Early Detection Confidence
The increasing number of cases of severe diseases,  due to late detection of the small abnormalities and small lesion, heralds us the significance of early detection. Committed to providing precise image quality for a more accurate diagnosis, the SonoScape S12 focuses on scanning for early detection. This will help to improve clinical confidence for doctors and patients.

Versatile application, Meets daily diagnosis
Complete scanning mode, outstanding 2D performance, sensitive blood flow, freehand 3D and volume 4D imaging technology endows the SonoScape S12 with the best package for all applications:
Cardiology Application
  -Steer M imaging (Anatomic M mode)
  -Color M imaging
  -Embedded IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Software detects edge with mean and maximum thickness value
Obstetrics & Gynecology Application
  -New 3D/4D work flow and technology
  -Super wide angle FOV
  -Unique transducer temperature detection technology
   Reduces the possibility of pain for the patient’s pain
  Guarantees the quality and safety of the transducer

Anesthesiology / Emergency Medicine / Musculoskeletal
  -Abundant and dedicated clinical measurement and analysis packages
  -Image enhancement technology: Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI), Panoramic Imaging, trapezoid imaging
  -Wide range of broadband transducers including convex, linear, trans-vaginal, phased array and 4D transducer

SonoScape S12 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound S12 For Sale

SonoScape S12 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound S12

SonoScape S12 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound S12 Cost

SonoScape S12 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound S12 Price

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