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Medical Multi-function ENT Operation Microscope YSLZL21

Top selling Multi-function ENT operation microscope
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Medical Multi-function ENT Operation Microscope YSLZL21

slit lamp adapter

This product is a high-tech product of the nation's first kind, It's designed with dual scopes of binocular sharing, manipulated of two or three person.
It can also be used for teaching, photographing orthopedics.
The angle between the main and assistant's microscope is 90° . deep cavity operations and examinations. It makes possible for simultaneous and microsurgery in ophthalmology, E.N.T. organial surgery, neurological surgery, the same viewing field and motorized continuous optical system, suitable for super and color video recording purposes.
1. The main microscope is in the latest design of tilting binocular tube system with a continuous tilting range of  30-60°. This enables doctors to have the most comfortable body positions when performing various kinds of microsurgical operations.
2. Binocular assistant's microscope synchronizes with the main microscope, with the same light route, magnification viewing field and bearing, both enjoy a good stereo-scopic perception when in observation.
3. Both the main and assistant's microscope all adopt a motorized continuous optical systems, with a zoom rate of 1:5. This system features a clear image a sharp stereo-scopic perception and a remarkable depth of  field, thus satisfying the needs of all kinds of deep cavity operations.
4. The instrument adopts a coaxial internal illumination system which has a great brightness, suitable for deep  cavity operations and examinations.
5. The instrument adopts motorized focusing system which is both convenient and  flexible.
6. The instrument has six movements of degrees of freedom allowing the microscope to be motorized or turned to and from up and down, and side to side. This permits each surgeon a best angle of observation.

1. Range of the stand's vertical up-down: 500mm
2. Motorized zooming speed: 2r/min 
3. The precise focusing range:40mm,aiming speed:2mm/s
4.The range of the microscope’s free movement to and from side to side are all 100°
5.The interpupillary distances of the main and assistant's microscope are all adjustable, Within a range of 55-72mm
6. Cold light source illumination: 15V 15OW, brightness 80000~180000 Lx
7. The maximum stretching length of the stand's horizontal arm: 1200mm
8. The swing angle of the carrier arm: 360°
9. The stand can be equipped with X-Y coupling, with the moving, range of 40mm
Beam splitter, single ocular teaching scope, double binocular, intergrated or outside 1/3" CCD video camera and interface,  digital camera system and interface.

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