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High Effcientcy Full Nucleic Acid Extraction instrument YSTE-NE96
Automatic reagents with disposable consumable, avoid touching.
YSTE-FIA11 Best Price Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer
In conjunction with dedicated test kits of Immunofluorescence, the instrument automates the detection and quantification of markers for cardiovascular disease, renal diseases, inflammation, fertility, diabetes mellitus, bone metabolism, tumor and thyroid
2022 New Full Nucleic Acid Extraction instrument
Automatic reagents with disposable consumable, avoid touching.
5-Part Blood Analyzer Hematology Analyzer YSTE5000
Compatibility 1)Three modes of sampling: Whole blood, pre-diluted blood and peripheral blood ; 2)Build-in thermal printer, extential laser printer or inkjet printer; 3)4 USB, 1 LAN support protocol HL7 and compatible with LIS system 4)Accompanyi
3-part Touch Screen Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer YSTE320
High quality 3-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer ,10.4 inch true color TFT LCD & touch screen, more visible Minimize the number of interface layers, pop-up soft keyboard, easy to operate
Fully Auto biochemistry analyzer with ISE YSTE261
Application: Biochemistry Analyzer is designed for hospital or clinical laboratory to measure the quantity of chemical or biochemical components in human serum, urine and other liquid sample, used to test liver function, kidney function, cardiac markers,
Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer YSTE168
8-wavelength with touch screen optinal
5 Part Differential Hematology Analyzer YSTE6610
The 5 part differential hematology analyzer is an innovative, economic, compact hematology analyzer using advanced triangle laser scattering, flow cytometry technology to deliver cost-efficient 5-part white blood cell differential results.
Portable Binocular Microscope YSXWJ-107BN
Achromatic objectives: 4X、10X、40X(S), 100X(S、Oil)
Bench-top Automatic BioChemistry Analyzer Price YSTE180C
Constant 180 T/h,best for medium-sized hospital
Blood Roller Mixer YSTE-MR2 ​
It can carry out two functions (Roll and Swing), adapted to mixing of blood samples, adhesive materials and Liquid - solid suspensions.
Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer YSTE302A
The semi auto chemistry analyzer comes with 7 inch Color LCD, touch screen, flow cell and cuvette test mode compatible and real time curve showing.
EDAN I15 Portable Touch Screen Blood Gas Analyzer
As a brand new POCT device specially designed for critical cares, i15 is portable, easy to use and performs a flexible panel of tests from a single disposable cartridge. EDAN I15 brings new era of blood gas and chemistry analysis, and it enables you to mo
Good Quality Excellent Image Digital LCD Screen Microscope YSXWJ2310
Effective pixel 2592*1944 Pixel size 2.2*2.2um LCD 9.7 inch 1024*768 IPS LCD
Medical Semi-auto Specific Protein Analyzer YSTE-50PA
Parameters : HS-CRP, CRP, HbA1c, mALB, D-Dimer, ASO, RF, Anti-CCP, CYS-C etc.
Double Working Channels Coagulation Analyzer YSTE502A ​
YSTE502A is an easy-to-use semi-auto coagulation analyzer with 2 independent working channels.
Rolling Mixer Price YSTE-MR4
360 degree mild rotation mixing can keeps sample in suspension. Adapted to mixing of blood, urinary samples etc.
Elisa Microplate Reader Price YSTE-M03
Applications Pesticide residue in food; Melamine Hormone, such as T3, T4 and TSH; Test Giant cell IgG antibody, Toxoplasm IgG antibody, Rubella IgM antibody; Fever blister I-IgM antibody and Fever blister II-IgM antibody
Table-top Low Speed Centrifuge YSCF-TD4
High Speed Lab Centrifuge Max. Speed 16000r/min
Hot Air Dry Heat Autoclave Sterilization Chamber GRX-A ​​​
Accuracy: High accuracy microprocessor P.I.D temperature controller with LCD display.
Medical Electrolyte Analyzer Machine Price YSTE-200GE
Throughput: 60 samples/hour, 5 inch touch screen, CE marked
Laboratory Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer YSTE310
Hematology Analyzer, Automatic, Laboratory Equipment
Ysenmed Lab Vortex Mixer YSTE-VM4
Adapted to re-suspension particles, extract drugs and vortex cell suspensions. Mixing tissue samples , And also can be used to ELISA reaction and RIA Tests.
China Mobile Clearly And Intuitively Colorful Image Sperm Analyzer YSSW02
Technical parameters 1. Maximum of the tested sperms: 1000 2. The range of test speed: 0-180µm/s 3. The frame number of picture: 0-75 4. Resolution of particle diameter: 0-150µm/s 5. The analysis time: 1-5 seconds or longer 6. Group number of colle
Electrothermal Constant Temperature Drying Oven GZX-DH-S GZX-DH-BS DZX-DH-BS-II
This equipment is applied widely in the industry, agriculture, medical institutions and laboratories.
YSENMED is a professional medical equipment company from China, compounded with the R&D and sale of medical device, is a leading supplier of medical equipment, especially in the field of medical x-ray machine.
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