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C-arm X-ray Machine


5.0KW Mobile High Frequency Integrated C-arm X-ray System YSX-C112E

Model: YSX-C112E
Latest 5.0kw mobile high-frequency C-arm X-ray System For Sale With Good Price.
  • ModelYSX-C112E
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    1.Fluoroscopic Capacity  

     Max rated capacity           : Tube Current 4mA, Tube Voltage 110kV 
     Automatic Fluoroscopy     : Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV Adjust  Automatically
    Tube Current                     : 0.3mA~4mA set manually 
     Manual Fluoroscopy         : Continuous Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV
    Continuous Tube Current  : 0.3mA~4mA 
    Pulse Fluoroscopy             : Continuous Tube Voltage 40kV~110kV 
                                                 Continuous Tube Current 4.1mA~8mA  
    2. Photography Capacity 
     Max rated capacity                                   : 5.0 KW 
     Tube Voltage and Current Combination  : 40kV~49kV   1 ~125 mAs
                                                    50kV~59kV   1 ~110 mAs
                                                    60kV~69kV   1 ~90  mAs
                                                    70kV~79kV   1 ~80  mAs
                                                    80kV~89kV   1 ~71  mAs
                                                    90kV~99kV   1 ~63  mAs
                                                    100kV~110kV 1 ~40  mAs 
     Plateholder Size                 :  200mm×250mm(8″×10″)or 


    3.X-ray Tube 
     X-ray Tube Special for High Frequency

     Fixed anode   Dual-focus : large focus: 1.5, small focus: 0.6

    Inverter Frequency:  40KHz

    Thermal capacity: 35KJ (47KHU) 
      Image Intensifier       : Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA (9″, 6″,4.5″) 
      CCD Vidicon             : Ultra low-light CCD camera imported from Japan                              
      Monitor                      : 23inches, 1920*1080, work frequency 60HZ
     Digital Workstation:  Registration: Registration, Medical Records, Worklist
    Acquisition: Start acquisition, prepare for recording, reset, horizontal mirroring, vertical mirroring, window adjustment, magnifying glass, negative image, edge enhancement, recursive noise reduction

    Processing; four windows, nine windows, sharpening, horizontal mirroring, vertical mirroring, text annotation, length measurement

    Reports: Save, Preview, Expert Template

    Dicom features: Dicom browsing, web services

    5.Structure :
     Directive wheel                  : ±90°revolution,can freely change the moving  direction of the unit.
     Ascending & Descending Range of Pillar             : ≥400mm 
     C-arm                                : Forward and Backward Movement: 200mm
                                                 Revolution around Horizontal Axis:  ±180°
                                                  Revolution around Vertical Axis     :  ±15°( Advantage), better than others’  ±12.5°, easier  to take special positions radiography )
                                                  Slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°) 


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