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Lab Incubators


CO2 Incubator WJ-2

Model: WJ-2
The CO2 cell incubator is designed specially to be used for animal cell and organization culture, as well as common microorganism culture. It is widely applied in medical institutes, life sciences, immunology, genetics, medicine, etc.
  • ModelWJ-2
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Structure features:
    1. Water-jacket or air-jacket heating.
    2. High quality stainless steel working chamber.
    3. Forced convection for an even temperature and CO2 concentration.
    4. Convection and heating will be automatically off to prevent contamination when door is opened.
    6. Temperature adopts microcomputer data analysis and P.I.D controller ,which is accurate and interference-free.
    ( For water-jacket type, there are 3 sensors separately for work room temperature, water temperature and door temperature. For air-jacket, there are 2 sensors for workroom temperature and door temperature. )
    7. Touch button, and digital display with LED indication.
    8. Self protection for over-temperature, water-shortage and gas-shortage.
    9. Ultraviolet disinfection light tube to prevent contamination.
    10. Natural evaporation to guarantee the humidity in working chamber
    Gas mixture:
    Gas proportion type. The CO2 gas and air are mixed proportionally at will. The Direct reading with needle valve glass rotameter is easy to read with accurate scale.
    Model WJ-2-80  
    Heating type Water-jacket
    CO2 control type Gas proportion type
    Alarm function Over-temperature alarm, temperature sensor error alarm, water-shortage alarm
    Temperature range RT+3°C~60℃ (Room temperature: 5°C~35℃)
    Temperature control type P.I.D
    Workroom Convection Small flow forced convection
    Temperature fluctuation ≤± 0.2℃
    Temperature uniformity ≤± 0.3℃
    Timing range Continuous working or  1~9999min
    Humidification type Water plate natural evaporation
    Disinfection type UV light
    Outline dimension (cm) 57×59×93 67×64×111
    Chamber dimension (cm) 41×40.5×51 50.5×45.5×70
    Capacity (L) 80 160
    N.W./G.W. (kg) 60/90 80/115
    Rated power (W) 600 900
    (standard setup)
    2 3
    Material Outer shell and door: Cold-rolled plate powder coated
    Internal working chamber: Stainless steel
    Inner door: Tempered glass
    Heat insulation: Centrifugal glass fiber

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