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Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine


Hot Sale Portable Color Ultrasound Scanner YSB-L5PRO

Model: YSB-L5PRO
Main Unit, 15 inch high definition color LCD, 3.5MHz multi-frequency, User’s Manual, 60G(increasable) Image storage size
  • ModelYSB-L5PRO
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Displaying mode

    B,BB,4B,BM,M,PW,B/C,B/C/D,B/D,duplex, triplex, part zoom, CFM, CPA

    Signal processing:

    Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, space-time filter, dynamic real time receiving focusing, RDA, DRA, spectral processing, CFM processing, gray scale 256, receiving signals dynamic range≥150, All digital, real-time dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture in all fields

    Gain control

    TGC, PW Gain, CFM gain

    General measurement

    B mode-distance, circumference, area, volume, ration, angle, % stenosis, histogram

    M mode- distance, time, velocity, heart rate

    OB packages:


    GA and EDD calculated by LMP, BBT calculate GA and EDC, Fetal physiological score, Fetal growth curve

    OB measuring and calculation report

    Gynecological packages


    Uterine measurement (Cervical length, endometrial thickness, uterine volume)

    left/right ovary measurement (Length, high, width)

    left/right follicular measurement

    Gynecological measuring and calculation report

    Urology packages:

    left/right kidney measurement

    vesicant urinary /After voiding bladder measuring

    Urology measuring and calculation report

    residual urine’s measurement

    Small parts Measurement

    Thyroid,Mammary gland,Mass,Small parts measuring and calculating report

    Cardiac Measurement Package

    Heart rate, Valve speed, LV, aortic, mitral, ventricular

    Doppler Measurement

    Time,Heart Rate


    General Measurement

    Doppler automatic measurement

    Doppler tracing (auto/manual)

    Body mark


    Small parts,Urology

    Comment and display

    Real time clock,Comment in image area,Scanning density,TI value,MI value

    Cine loop

    Automatic cine loop frames, Re-play of stored screen frames, Selection of re-play speed, Frame re-play, Re-play stored files,

    Cancel, re-play, pause control

    Image storage format


    Image storage size


    Installed work station

    OB report,,GYN report

    Urology report

    Cardiac measurement - LV report

    Cardiac measurement - mitral report

    Cardiac measurement - Ventricular report

    Small parts measuring report

    Peripheral vascular measuring report

    Diagnostic template

    Printing report

    Input/output ports:

    VGA, USB port

    DICOM port(network port)


    Laser printer (option), Video printer (option)

    Standard Configuration

    Main Unit, 15 inch high definition color LCD, 3.5MHz multi-frequency, User’s Manual, 60G(increasable) Image storage size


    Probes, trolley, video printer, laser printer, puncture guide standard

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