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Led Shadowless Surgical Operating Lamp YSOT-Led72

Model: YSOT-Led72
LED shadowless surgical operating lamp YSOT-LED72
  • ModelYSOT-Led72
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    Led Shadowless Surgical Operating Lamp YSOT-Led72

    Full close streamline lamp body design completely meets the demand of the sterilization and high
    standard of laminar flow purification in the operation room. The lamp-chimney is made of aluminum
    alloy; adopt ultrathin and streamlined shape design; air drag much smaller, curve and slippy surface to
    prevent deposition of dust, convenience to purify air, to reach the surgery surface of wound smoothly.
    Adopt ultrathin and streamlined shape design; the thickest part is no more than 18cm,which can acquire
    magnificent laminar flow effect.
    Light head adopt 48pcs LEDs+96pcs LEDs (lamp cup one main bulb+ 2 vice LEDs structure), divided into
    multiple independent illuminant group, every lamp use double CPU control, every group controlled by
    LED illuminant possess special circuit chip, any group failure will not affect the normal use of shadowless lamp.
    Use warm white advanced international LED as shadowless illuminant, environmental, lower energy
    consumption LED bulb, bulb type at least 60000 hours. The light of LED provide a perfect control of
    shadow, no matter what the position of the operation, the overlapped light technology can really achieve shadowless lighting.
    LED do not engender infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation, halogen free shadowless light caused the
    temperature rise and damage of tissue can accelerate the wound healing after surgery, and has no
    Radiation pollution.
    Micro computer digital control, illumination can be adjustable; Stepless adjusted, 8 steps continuous indicating,
    adjustment range: 10-100% , has backlight illumination: at least 30 Lux; it offers illuminance memory function.
    Adopt restrain interference of electromagnetic wave design, avoid disturb with the other equipment in operating
    Use satlite oval swing pipe design, can install 4 cantilever devices in multiple complex operating room,
    also can be obligate per hospital request, convenient to upgrade and provide the perfect solution for the
    increasing multi-media request of hospital.
    Balanced system optional adopt German ondal import arm module, more than 5 group joints move together,
    every cantilever has more than 3 joints, can be rotated in 360 degree, possess fatigue correcting unit and fix
    position hand handle device, easy to fix position timing after long time use.
    The handle on the central of lamp can be detachable, can take high temperature (no more than 134 centigrade) sterilization treatment, easily adjust, flexible fixed; adopt balanced arm, handy operate, and insure the lamp
    stable in the operation; has C-arm joint control panel, possess luminance prompt facility, provide environment lighting models.lamp body was treated by anti-rust& anti-corrosion treatment,could be treated by disinfectant solutions.
    Lamp optional with Lighting mode for Laparoscopy,Offer the perfect lighting for deep illumination.
    Lamp wires adopt network cable,All kinds of wires plug available(UK,EU standard,USA...)
    Lamp panel radius of gyration:at least 182cm, the lamp can be pulled to vertical floor,convenient to any angle illumination. Unify ABS operate handle and mid-operation handle of Lamp rim. Product execute international IEC standard. 
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