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Autopsy Equipment


Legal Examination Stainless steel thawing tank YSHDC92A

Model: YSHDC92A
Legal Examination Stainless steel thawing tank YSHDC92A
  • ModelYSHDC92A
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Material: high quality 304 stainless steel cold rolled steel 

    Surface hardness: HV200 

    Bending: 180

    Tensile strength: tensiletestts / nmm2min520 


    Load: ≥150kg

    Size: 2200L*790W*850H mm

    Electric lifting type

    Main function:

    ◆The cover plate of dissecting table can be opened and vertically attached to the box - side, without occupying space.

    ◆The operation table of the defrosting tank can be disassembled and taken out manually, which is convenient for cleaning the internal dirt.

    ◆No workers are required to carry the frozen corpse, and the movable table can be directly pushed on to the cart.

    ◆The defrosting tank is equipped with water curtain, which can wash the dirt

    ◆The electric lifting stroke height is 50-420mm.

    ◆The side panel of the defrosting tank is equipped with indicator switches for lifting, heating, water inlet, water discharge and water curtain.

    ◆Equipped with water temperature heating device, which can be heated to the specified temperature.

    ◆Built in circulating water treatment system, water inlet and water outlet device to speed up natural trawing.

    ◆After the dissection rises, the moving spray gun can washing and soaking the whole body.

    ◆Drain with valve drain at the bottom to discharge sewage.

    ◆Equipped with leakage protection device and waterproof socket 220V 50Hz.

    ◆Double air exhaust and extraction system: extract air downward from the inclined air outlet oblong holes ( φ 06x36mm) on both inner sides of the table, and the lower air sunction extracts air from louver air outlets on both sides of the base. The system can discharge the leaked smell immediately when the corpse thawing (it needs to be connected with the laboratory ventilation system). The harmful gas in the room can be discharged in time by means of air extraction to ensure the safety of operators.

    ◆It can be used with S22 body lifting trolley (optional)

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