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Medical ICU Ventilator with Air Compressor YSAV260D

Model: YSAV260D
Portable ventilator with high quality for sale.
  • ModelYSAV260D
  • BrandYSENMED
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    The ICU ventilator YSAV260D is an aerodynamic, electronic-controlled ventilator, it has over ten respiratory mode, functions can be set through the respiratory rate, inspiratory time, tidal volume parameter to achieve management of the patient breathing. There are Japanese Sharp large screen true color LCD to show waveform and parameters, Germanic Baode proportion electromagnetism valve is suction control valve, Japanese SMC electronic air and oxygen mixer and etc. These high quality imported parts make the machine more accurate, more reliable and more stable


    Main technical parameters and performance

    Respiratory Mode:



    Alarm Parameter:

    Tidal volume range: 20 ~ 2000ml

    Upper and lower respiratory rate: 4 ~ 99bpm

    Peak pressure upper limit: 0 ~ 100cmH2O

    Peak pressure lower limit: 0 ~ 30cmH2O

    PEEP upper limit: 0 ~ 60cmH2O

    PEEP lower limit: 0 ~ 30cmH2O

    Minute ventilation, upper and lower limits: 0 ~ 40.0L/min

    Suffocation time: 4 ~ 20S ± 2S


    Monitoring Parameter:

    Minute ventilation (MV), peak pressure (Ppeak), PEEP pressure, Actual total frequency (f), the pressure waveform diagram, flow velocity waveform diagram, P-V ring diagram, respiratory ratio (1: E), tidal volume (Vt)


    Other Parameter:

    Oxygen pressure: 0.28 ~ 0.6 MPa

    Air pressure: 0.28 ~ 0.6 MPa

    System noise: <65 dBA

    Power consumption: 40VA

    Optional: Built-in battery: 12V 7AH lead-acid batteries

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