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Portable Ventilator YSAV550P

Model: YSAV550P
Portable ventilator with high quality for sale.
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    1.Our ventilator is air driven and microcomputer controlled.

    2.It includes following functions:A/C, SIMV, IPPV,SIGH etc.
    3.Our Ventilator can preside over the patient's breath by enacting the breath frequency, the rate between inspiration and expiration, and the regulation of the dampness tidal volume.
    4.The main elements of our ventilator are high-quality import products, which develop the dependability and the stability of the products.
    5.It is reasonably designed, easily carried, and highly reliable.

    6.It is suitable for Breathing rescue and treatment was applied to the emergency ward, ICU etc.



    Breathing mode: A/C, SIMV, PSV, PCV
    Ventilation Performance:
    Tidal volume (Vt): 0~2000ml
    I:E Ratio : 1:0.1~1:3
    Breathing frequency (RATA): 4~60 times/minute
    SIMV Frequency: 2~30 times/minute
    Trigger pressure (Pt): -0.3kPa
    Safety largest gas pressure: ≤12kPa
    Inspiration O2 concentration: 40% ±15%
    Alarm Function:
    Pressure upper limit (Ph) alarm: 2~6kPa
    Pressure lower limit (PI)alarm: 0.6~2.0kPa
    Quiet sound alarm: ≤2min
    Overall performance:
    Display: High-definition LCD display
    Power supply: AC 220 V±22V.50Hz±1Hz
    Mainframe input power: 90VA
    complete machine noise: ≤65 dB(A).
    Compliance system: ≤4 ml/100Pa


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