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YSVG9800 YSVC1650 YSENMED Video gastroscope and colonoscope system

Model: YSVME2100
YSVG9800 YSVC1650 YSENMED Video gastroscope and colonoscope system
  • ModelYSVME2100
  • BrandYSENMED
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    YSVG9800 Video Gastroscope

    View of Field: 140°
    Depth of View: 3-100mm
    Range of Tip Bending: 210°U,90°D,100°R&L
    Diameter of Distal End: φ9.6mm
    Diameter of Insertion Tube: φ9.6mm
    Diameter of Instrumental Channel: φ2.8mm
    Working Length: 1050mm
    Total Length: 1350mm
    Centrel Resolutions: ≥3.51Lp/mm
    Illumination: 10000lx
    Water Capacity: 40ml/min
    Air Capaticy: 800ml/min
    Suction Capacity: 400ml/min
    Full air-tight: less than 22Kpa

    YSVC1650 Video Colonoscope

    View of Field: 140°
    Depth of View: 3-100mm
    Range of Tip Bending: 180°U/D,160°R&L
    Diameter of Distal End: φ12mm
    Diameter of Insertion Tube: φ12mm
    Diameter of Instrumental Channel: φ3.2mm
    Working Length: 1650mm
    Total Length: 1970mm
    Centrel Resolutions: ≥3.51Lp/mm
    Illumination: 10000lx
    Water Capacity: 45ml/min
    Air Capaticy: 800ml/min
    Suction Capacity: 400ml/min
    full air-tight: less than 22Kpa

    YSVME2100 Integrated imaging processor & light source 

    Type of protection against electric shock: ClassⅠ
    Degree of protection against electric shock: BF type
    Level of Explosion protection: Away from flammable gas
    Power supply: Voltage: 220VAC(±10%), Frequency: 50Hz(±1%)
    Auto Gain Control(AGC)
    Image frozen
    Picture in Picture
    White Balance
    Brightness and tone adjustment
    Illumination: 70000lx
    Color Temperature: ≥3200K
    Air Pressure:40-60Kpa
    Air Capaticy: 5L/min
    Size dimension: 410(L)×380(W)×100(H)mm
    Weight: 15KGS


    Intelligent air pressure control, security design for the flow which is too high or too low, and reduce operational mistakes.
    Compact and portable design, easy to install to the endoscopic trolley.
    One-touch operation and easy to use
    Available in the main body of the endoscopy system, and just need to change the connector.
    Easy for installation
    Noise: ≤55dB
    Size: 327x180x228mm
    Power: 220V, 50hZ, 50VA
    Temperature: ≤60°


    ·Compatible with major endoscope brands without another adapter.
    Small, lightweight and can be installed in the trolley directly.
    Easy to use. Step on the foot switch or press the remote button, to provide powerful irrigation through the special water pipe.
    Automatically stop working after opening for 20 secs or 20 secs continuous water supply, to ensure safety.
    Adjustable flow. The flow can go up to 450ml/min. Flow setting display and automatic setting memory.


    ·  Lastest cantilever design, easy for loading and unloading, robust,durable and space saving.
    ·  Compatible with major endoscope brands for leakage testing.
    ·  Find the pinhole leaks early, and reduce the failure rate greatly.
    ·  Dual-mode, automatic or manual.


    Ultrasonic Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning Remove pollutants for all parts by ultrasonic cleaning, then residual pollutants can be removed by high pressure cleaning thoroughly without any damage to the endoscopes.


    *Strong compressive structure makes the product more stable and durable.
    *Designed for endoscopy room, equipped with special monitor hanging arm and endoscopic stent, and can adjust the angle easily.
    *Anodic oxidation technology for the panel, wear resistance and more beautiful.
    *Convenient assembly, moving smoothly and easy to transport.
    *Car panel height is adjustable, meet different height and different habits of  the medical staff to use.
    *With the improved design of band brake wheel, with functions of high mechanical strength, shock absorption, mute, etc, make the instrument more stable in the process of moving.
    *Improved design and steel reinforced base, makes the trolley in the excellent stability.

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