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Medical X Ray Machine

Digital X-ray Machine

Portable X-ray Machine

C-arm X-ray Machine

Mobile X-ray Machine

Floor-mounted Xray Machine

Mammography Machine


CT Scanner


Flat Panel Detector


Ultrasound Machine

B/W Ultrasound Machine

Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape Ultrasound

CHISON Ultrasound

EDAN Ultrasound

Wireless & USB Ultrasound Probe

Emergency & OT Equipment

Anesthesia Machines

Respirators / Ventilators

Operation Tables

Operation Lamps


Electrosurgical Unit


Syringe & Infusion Pumps

Electric Bone Saw / Drills

Patient Monitors

ECG Machine

Oxygen Generators

Suction Units

Electric Pneumatic Tourniquet

Surgical Instrument Kits

Electric Dermatome

Ultrasonic Scalpel

Surgery Warming System

CPR Machine



Video Endoscope

Fiber Endoscope

Rigid Endoscope

Endoscope Disinfection & Storage

Endoscopic Ultrasound

Capsule Endoscopy

Morgue Equipment

Morgue Freezer

Morgue Lift Trolley

Morgue Transport Trolley

Autopsy Equipment

Pathology Equipment


Staining Machine

Tissue Embedding Center

Water Bath & Baking Hotplate

Tissue Processor

Sampling Workstation

Medical Waste Incinerator
Laboratory Equipment

Chemistry Analyzer

Hematology Analyzer

Urine Analyzer

Elisa/Microplate Reader

Microplate Washer

Electrolytic Analyzer

Coagulation Analyzer


Immunoassay Analyzer

Protein Analyzer

Lab Incubators

Drying Oven

Clean Bench

Biosafety Cabinet

Shaker / Mixer / Oscillator

Blood Gas Analyzer / POCT

PCR / Thermocycler


HbA1c Analyzer

Liquid Handling


Feces Analyzer

Blood Cultures

Blood Collection Monitor

ESR Analyzer

Gel Imaging System

Blood Bank Sealer

UV Spectrophotometer


Flow Cytometer


Helicobacter Pylori Detector

Test Tube Collection


Blood Grouping System

Microbiological Analyzer

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Dry Bath


Blood Warmer

Hemoglobin Analyzer

Nitric Oxide Analyzer

Transfusion, Dialysis & Circulation Machines

Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Sperm Analyzer



Gynecology & Obstetrics

Maternal & Infant Care

Video Colposcope

Mastopathy Treatment Machine

Obstetrics & Delivery Bed

Gynecology Electrocautery

Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Mammary Gland Inspector

ENT Instrutment

ENT Diagnostic Device

Anesthesia Laryngoscope

Slit Lamp

Surgical Microscopes

Ophthalmic Scanners

Surgical Headlights

Fundus Camera



Auto Perimeter


Eyesight Screening



Corneal Topographer

Hearing Screening

Lens Meter

Frame Heater

Lens Photochromic Tester

Lens Punching Machine

Lens Thickness Meter

Lens Groover

Lens Edger

Lens Polisher

Screw Extractor

Simulated Eyes

Three-hole Driller

Trial Frame

LED Vision Chart

Vision Chart Projector

Pupil Distance Meter

Glasses Mounting Tools

Glasses Ultrasonic Cleaner

Trial Lens Set

LCD Chart Monitor

Stress Meter

Layout Blocker

Ultrasound Biomicroscope


Sterilization Equipment

Table-top Autoclaves (Class B)

Large Vacuum Steam Sterilizers

Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

Low-temperature Plasma Sterilizers

Quick Washer Disinfectors

Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp

Air Disinfector

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

X-ray Protection Series

Body Protection Series

Lead Sheet

Lead Gypsum Board

Lead Glass

Lead Door

Lead Shielding Screen

Lead Rubber

Other Protective Items

Hospital Furniture

Patient Transfer Trolley


Patient Beds

Stair Lifting Chair


Bedside Cabinet

Examination Bed

Baby Crib

Wards Screen

X Ray Accessories

Auto Film Processors

Manual Film Processors

X-ray Films

X-ray Cassettes

Intensifying Screens

Darkroom Lights

Film Developing Solutions

Film Dryer

Film Viewers

Film Hangers

Film Markers

Film Transfer Boxes

Film Storing Boxes

Chest Stands

X-ray Dosimeters

X-ray Tables

X-ray Room

X-ray Generator

Dry Film Printer

Medical Consumables
Veterinary Equipment

Veterinary X-ray Machine

Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Veterinary Ventilators

Vet Surgical Instruments

Veterinary Patient Monitors

Veterinary ECG

Veterinary Analyzers

Veterinary Operation Tables

Veterinary Operation Lamps

Veterinary Ultrasonic Scaler

Pet Cages

Pet Grooming Equipment

Veterinary Dry Cabinet

Veterinary Incubator

Veterinary Infusion Table

Veterinary Endoscope

Pet Treadmill

Veterinary Rapid Tests

Veterinary Surgery Warming System


Vascular Doppler

Dental Equipment


Dental X-ray Unit

Dental Chairs

Ultrasonic Scalers

Dental Autoclave (Class B)

Digital Dental Sensor

Dental Cabinets

Dental Sealing Machine

Dental Suction Unit

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dental 3D Scanner

Dental Consumables

Dental imaging plate scanner

Dental Water Distiller

Endodontic Root Canal Instrument

Dental Handpiece

Intraoral Camera

Dental Instrument Washer


Oiling Lubrication Machine

Operating Microscope

Whitening Light Machine

Air Compressor

Dental Implant Motor


Dental Cleaner

Dental Dust Collector

Medical Electronics


Vein Finders

Blood Glucose Analyzer

Orthopedics Equipment

Spinal Screw & Plates System

Intramedullary Nails

Bone Densitometry

Andrology Equipment
Hemodialysis Equipment & Accessories

Hemoperfusion Machine

Dialysis Machine Blood Pump

Hemadialysis Machine

Dialysis Chair

Dialysis Consumables

Medical Models

Emergency Series

Medical Model

Medicine Refrigerator

Medicine Refrigerator

Medical Laser

Holmium Laser System

Beauty Laser

Veterinary Laser

Case Example
Company News

Operational video for YSTE-VG2 veterinary blood gas & immunoassay analyzer.

Operation video for YSENMED YSESU-LEEP Gynaecology Surgical LEEP Knife.

Guangzhou Yueshen Medical won the high-tech enterprise certification

Installation video of YSENMED YSAV700 Anesthesia workstation

YSENMED engineer is giving training on YSX-C35B 3.5kW C-arm x-ray system.

Function introduction video for YSENMED YSGH1001 5-function hospital ICU bed.

YSENMED YSX320G 32kW high frequency x-ray system installed in Philippines.

Good feedbacks received from Malaysian vet on YSENMED veterinary supplies.

YSENMED YSB-S7V veterinary color doppler ultrasound system in a vet clinic in Brazil.

Function introduction video for YSENMED YSHB-D7H 7-function hospital ICU bed.

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Reviews & References

A newly-built hospital project in Democratic Republic of the Congo

YSENMED medical waste incinerator with gas purification system installed in Cyprus

Hungarian pet is happy with the veterinary stainless pet cages supplied by YSENMED.

YSX500D DR system successfully installed in Dominica

Distributor in Ecuador satisfied with the DR detector and service provided by YSENMED.

Mongolian doctor is happy with YSENMED YSTE320 auto hematology analyzer.

Image quality from YSFPD-R1012C mammo detector highly recognized by Philippinese doctor

Doctor from Guatemala is happy with image by YSFPD-M1717V wireless DR panel

YSX080-A Vet 8kW portable veterinary DR working well in a horse ranch in Russia

Doctor from Somaliland pleased with YSENMED 65kW DR system

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