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8 ways to teach you how to choose a good dental chair!

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Update time : 2023-10-16 16:57:00
The dental chair is one of the most basic equipment that is indispensable in the dental clinic. It is also an equipment directly related to treatment activities. The quality and performance of the dental chair directly affect the business development and professional image of the clinic, so the choice and purchase of the dental chair is very important. And crucial.
Teach you the basic methods of choosing a dental chair
1. The price of the dental chair is a primary consideration. How to spend less money while ensuring the quality of dental chairs?
First of all, it depends on how big your expected business volume is. If your expected business volume is very small and your budget is not large, then it is recommended that you buy a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair. This kind of dental chair is cheap but has poor durability. If you are a dental clinic with a decent business volume, you should mainly consider electric dental chairs.
What is a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair? The pneumatic dental chair uses an air film to control the movement of the handpiece. The main feature is a disc foot switch, which uses hydraulic pressure to control the movement of the chair. It has a hydraulic pump and hydraulic pipes. The reason why it is said to be less durable is mainly because it is compared with the electronically controlled motor dental treatment unit. Electronic control refers to using a solenoid valve to control the movement of the mobile phone. The main feature is a multi-function foot switch or an electronically controlled foot switch. Motor refers to the motor controlling the movement of the chair.
The dental chairs produced in Europe mainly use motors to control the movement of the chair. When you open the chair surface, you can see the small motor that controls the movement of the chair back. Therefore, when you expect a large business volume, you should choose this dental chair as much as possible. It is more durable, but the price is also relatively high.
Of course, more and more dental clinics now use electric dental chairs as their main dental equipment.
2. After selecting the dental chair model, you should check whether the configuration is suitable for you. If you are an oral surgeon and do not need strong suction, you can omit the strong suction (if strong suction is not an optional accessory but a standard part). In fact, two mobile phones are a luxury configuration, and you can reduce one as needed.
3. To identify the quality of a comprehensive dental treatment machine, you should also observe the following aspects.
First, observe the appearance of the machine to see if the shell joints are tightly joined. If the gap is large, it indicates that the quality is not up to standard.
Then, take a look at the finish and processing accuracy of the metal accessories. The metal accessories here mainly refer to the three-purpose spray gun and mobile phone sleeve. If they are rough, it indicates poor quality. Finally, open the casing and observe the heart of the seat control: the motor or oil pump.
Teach you the professional way to choose a dental chair
1. Hygiene condition of the dental chair.
Does it have any sanitary dead corners? Hygienic dead corners refer to parts that are difficult or impossible to clean. Some lamp arms have rubber sleeves to cover the joints to keep them beautiful. Strictly speaking, these rubber sleeves are also hygienic blind spots and can retain bacteria. The chair surface material requires that it can be disinfected with disinfectant (such as alcohol). If it cannot be disinfected, it does not meet the hygiene requirements. Strong and weak suction requirements can be equipped with disposable straws. If the straws are used repeatedly, they must be able to withstand high-temperature sterilization at 135 degrees. Of course, multi-functional foot switches and sensorless lights are all designed to meet the needs of hygiene.
2. After-sales service of dental chairs, especially dental chair repairs.
Many doctors have found that some companies rarely provide after-sales service or do not provide after-sales service after selling their products. After the machine has a problem, it cannot be repaired immediately, causing a lot of unnecessary losses.
3. Dental chair installation is very important.
If the installation and debugging are not in place, problems will occur, which every experienced engineer will understand. Therefore, when purchasing a dental chair, you must find a company with strong strength and good products. Ask it to provide you with complete installation drawings, product dimensions, technical parameters, etc., and actively cooperate with it.
4. Dental chair operation training is very important.
Many failures are caused by improper installation and debugging, or improper use by doctors. Therefore, the training of dental doctors by dental equipment companies is very critical. Some engineers do not train doctors and leave after finishing their work. When doctors find this situation, they will stop them and ask for training.
5. Tip training includes the following points:
·The use and maintenance of mobile phones.
·Chair position control.
·Troubleshooting of common faults (replacement of fuses, light bulbs, pipes, etc.).
·Daily maintenance of the dental chair itself.
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