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How does a pet hospital choose a pet digital X-ray machine (pet DR)?

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Update time : 2023-09-14 10:33:00
It has been 9 years since the world's first DR was born in 2009. Everything has a pioneer. Nowadays, DR has become a trend in the field of X-ray diagnosis. More and more medical device manufacturers are following the trend and starting to produce DR. DR integrates multiple functions such as filming, imaging, gastrointestinal, and fluoroscopy. It can achieve millisecond-level dynamic and static switching of spot films and large-format high-pixel high-definition imaging. It can more effectively capture disease points, greatly improve diagnostic efficiency, and can be effective in clinical aspects. Avoid missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. It also brings good news to pet doctors. Purchasing a pet DR by a pet hospital is a major investment decision.
1. What is pet DR?
Pet DR is a digital X-ray examination professionally used for pet , assisting pet doctors in timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
2. Five major components of pet DR
Five main components of pet DR:
(1) Digital X-ray detector, which can convert X-rays that pass through the human body or pet’s body into digital images;
(2) A high-voltage generator that can provide the required ultra-high voltage electrical energy for the X-ray emitting tube;
(3) Tube, which can convert the ultra-high voltage electrical energy from the high-voltage generator into X-rays;
(4) Frame, a device that can connect the examination table, digital X-ray detector and tube to work together;
(5) Pet-specific DR workstation software, software that can display, store, transmit, print, and read images.
3. Eight dimensions of pet DR
       General monitors are divided into LCD monitors and CRT monitors. LCD monitors and CRT monitors are quite different in terms of circuit composition, working principle and performance parameters. The LCD monitor has a fixed resolution, and the best picture can be obtained at its own resolution. However, the picture can still be displayed in an expanded or compressed manner at other resolutions. CRT monitors do not have a fixed resolution, and can be displayed directly as long as it is within the specifications of the monitor.
       The optimal refresh frequency of an LCD monitor is 60HZ. Since the picture flickers without being affected by the resolution, the refresh rate only needs to be set within the specifications of the monitor. In order to ensure that the picture does not flicker, the refresh rate of a CRT monitor is generally set above 75HZ. The color gradation of LCD monitors has reached full-color standards; CRT monitors have no color gradation restrictions, and the number of colors depends on system settings and display cards. The viewing angle of LCD monitors has been greatly improved with the continuous improvement of technology. Currently, the viewing angle of dynamic matrix LCD is only 140 degrees or wider, so there is still a lot of room for improvement; CRT monitors have extremely good Viewing angle available.
       The LCD screen is composed of pixels on the LCD panel. Its resolution is fixed. The dot pitch of the pixels determines the size of the pixels. The screen can present saturated color purity, clear fonts and sharp images. The formation of CRT monitor screen pixels relies on many groups. It consists of dots or straight bars. The distance between these dots and dots or straight bars and straight bars is called dot pitch or grid pitch. The spacing size and quality of CRT display have a great influence on the clarity and sharpness of the picture. Influence;
High Voltage Generator—Heart
If your pet hospital already has a 3-phase 380V power supply, a 50kW 3-phase high-voltage generator is a good choice; if there is no 3-phase 380V power supply, a 20kW single-phase high-voltage generator is the best choice. The best choice; when you need to do mobile shooting, you need to use a combination camera head. If possible, please try to choose a higher power;
Tube-Visual Center
Under normal circumstances, the heat capacity is greater than or equal to 140KHU. Try to use rotating anode tubes, which are more powerful and have longer life than fixed anode tubes. When the frequency of filming is high, large heat capacity tubes should be used. Imported rotating anode tubes are better than Domestic products have lower noise, more accurate dose, better images and longer lifespan;
Structural appearance—body
Try to choose a 4-way suspended bed, which can greatly improve the convenience of filming. The frame of the 6-way suspended bed is usually used in human DR. For the convenience of the elderly and injured, it is not recommended to choose it. A frame that can change the shooting working distance is of little benefit. A fixed working distance structure is more practical and reliable than changing the shooting working distance;
Dedicated workstation software—brain
Choose the genuine original pet DR dedicated workstation software with recommended dosage customized for pets, which complies with the international standard of DICOM3.0, can be connected to PACS, and has advanced image processing capabilities so that the images can be clearer;
On the premise that the after-sales service of the whole machine can meet the needs of daily use, choose a machine that is cost-effective and has a long warranty period for the whole machine and its components; it is best to choose a machine whose components and the whole machine are from the same manufacturer to ensure the overall performance of the whole machine. and fast after-sales service. The 24-month warranty is the best option.
Choose a manufacturer with strong core component R&D, complete machine development and maintenance capabilities; please try to choose a manufacturer that sends original factory (rather than third-party) installation engineers for installation and training; try to choose a manufacturer that provides services to complete machine production Purchase from manufacturers or authorized dealers to ensure the warranty quality of the entire machine, avoid middleman disputes, ensure price transparency, and reduce price differences; try to choose manufacturers recognized by the government as having the qualifications to produce and sell medical devices (when you purchase, please ask the manufacturer to show relevant certificates).
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