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Patient Monitors


12.1 Inch Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YSF8

Model: YSF8
12.1 Inch Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YSF8
  • ModelYSF8
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    1. 12.1' color TFT LCD screen supports display max. 9 waveforms 
    2. Personated voice reminding alarm; Visual On-display and integrated alarm light 
    3. Real time S-T segment analysis, pace detection and arrhythmia analysis
    4. Drug calculation and titration table
    5. Extended advance function: 2IBP, IOC, EtCO2, Multi-Gas/ O2
    6. Suitable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonatal patient.
    7. Display mode: Standard, Large Font, NIBP Trend, Trend Table, Full lead ECG, Oxy CRG.
    8. Supporting storage of 720 hours patient data, 1000 NIBP records and 500 alarm event
    9. External lead-acid battery
    10. Multi-language:Chinese, English, Spanish,Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Czech,
    11. Denish, Dutch, Finland, Italian, Porlish, Turkish

    YSF8's Standard Configuration:
    Anti-glare screen, Rechargeable lead-acid battery, 3/5-Lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, Pulse Rate, Temperature

    YSF8's Optional Configuration:
    2IBP, Nellcor SpO2, Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring Module, EtCO2 (Main-stream/Side-stream/ Micro-stream CO2), Multi-Gas/ O2, Pitch Tone
    VGA, Thermal printer (50 mm)
    Pediatric / neonatal accessories: reusable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe; disposable NIBP cuff & SpO2 probe
    Central Monitoring System

    Physical Specifications
    Dimension and weight Dimension 340mm(W)*280mm(H)*130mm(D)
    Weight standard configuration: 4 kg
    Operation environment Power requirements AC 90-300V, 50/60HZ, 60W
    Power 90VA
    Temperature 0-40℃
    Humidity 0-93% non-condensing
    Safety Meet the requirements of IEC60601 series
    Patient range Adult, neonate and pediatric patients
    Performance Specification
    Display                            12.1’ (800 x 600 pixel) color TFT LCD screen, support external VGA(option). rolling and refreshing waveform display
    Display mode Standard, large font, NIBP trend, trend table, full lead ECG, Oxy CRG.
    Interface Parameter cable interface
    AC power input socket
    Network interface
    External VGA interface for connection of alternate display
    Battery 1 internal rechargeable lead-acid battery, 2.0Ah 12V
    Alarm indicator Visual on-display and integrated alarm light
    Audible alarm and personated voice reminding alarm
    Data storage
    720 hours monitoring data
    10000NIBP records storage 
    500 alarm event.    
    Printer Built-in 50mm thermal printer (option), 
    3 traces, print speed 12.5mm/s & 25mm/s & 50mm/s   
    print width:50mm
    Net working Support connection to central monitoring station through LAN (TCP/IP) or wireless connection  
    Leads type 3/5-lead : I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V
    Sweep speed 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s,50mm/s
    Gain selection ×0.25, ×0.5, ×1, ×2
    ECG waveform 3 channels
    Operation mode Diagnostic, monitor, surgery
    Heart rate range 15 -350bpm
    Accuracy 1bpm or ±1% whichever is great
    Alarm range Audible and visual alarm, adjustable
    ST/ arrhythmia Real time S-T segment detection, pace detection and arrhythmia analysis
    Protection Against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation
    Respiration (RESP)
    Method Thoracic impedance
    Operation mode Auto/manual
    Measurement range Adult: 0-120BrPM; neonatal /pediatric: 0-150BrPM
    Apnea alarm Yes
    Alarm Yes, audible and visual alarm ,alarm events recallable
    Method Automatic oscillometric
    Operation mode Manual/Automatic/STAT
    Auto measure time Adjustable
    Measurement unit mmHg / kPa  selectable
    Test interval 1-480 minutes
    Measurement range Adult: 0-300 mmHg ;
    Child: 0-240 mmHg ;
    Infant: 0-150 mmHg
    Over-pressure protection Double safety protection
    Accuracy of blood pressure      measurement The mean error shall be less than±5mmHg
    the standard deviation shall be less than 8mmHG
    Resolution 1 mmHg
    Measurement range 0%-100%
    Resolution 1%
    Accuracy ±2% (70-100%, adult/pediatric, non-motion )
    ±3% (70-100%, neonate, non-motion )
    ±3% (70-100%, adult/pediatric/neonate, motion )
    0-69% unspecified
    Alarm range 1-100%
    Pulse rate                          Pulse range: 0-350bpm
    Accuracy: ±3bpm(non-motion)
    ±5bpm(motion )
    Temperature (TEMP)
    TEMP range 0-50℃
    Resolution 0.1 ℃
    Accuracy ±0.1℃  (excluding the sensor)
    Channel Dual-channel. provide T1;T2; △T
    Measurement range -50-360mmHg
    Channel 2 channels
    Pressure transducer Sensitive: 5u V/V mmHg
    Impedance range: 300-3000 Ω
    Pressure names ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP, P1, P2
    Alarm range -10-300 mmHg
    PR from IBP Range & Accuracy: 25-200bpm  ±1bpm or ±1bpm which is greater
    201-350bpm ±2%
    Resolution : 1bpm
    Depth of Anesthesia (BIS)
    EEG sensitivity +/- 475μV
    Noise < 2uVp-p (1-150 Hz)
    CMRR > 100 dB
    Input impedance > 50mohm
    Sample rate 1024 samples/s, 16 bits

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