Veterinary X-ray Machine


5kW Digital Veterinary X-ray Machine 100mA Stationary Vet X-ray Unit YSX050-B

Model: YSX050-B
5kW Veterinary X-ray Machine
  • ModelYSX050-B
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Model number YSX050-B
    Maximum output power 5kW
    Power supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz
    Power 220V/50HzWire diameter >4mm2Internal resistance <0.5Ω
    mA adjustable range 32-100 mA
    mAs adjustable range 0.32~315mAS, stepping R’10 or 0.4
    kV adjustable range 40kV~110kV, continuous regulation, stepping 1kV
    Exposure time 0.01~6.3s
    X-ray tube focus 1.8*1.8mm
    Rotating speed / Heat capacity 2800prm/42kHU
    Generator frequency 30kHz
    Flat panel parameter
    Imaging Size 17*1714*17inch (wired and wireless)
    Pixel Pitch 140um
    A/D Conversion 16bits
    Spatial Rresolution 3.6lp/mm
    Radiography table Width: 70cm, length: 140/120cm (either)
    Software Veterinary software
    Laptop parameter R3-4300U processor, 8G running memory, 256G solid state drive

    1. The height is 
    less than 2 meters to meet the needs of small rooms.
                2After placing the tablet, the SID is greater than 1 meter to ensure that the 17*17 inch image is complete.
                3. The 5.5cm extreme focus screen distance is much smaller than the national standard 10cm standard, which can make clearer image.
                4. Load-bearing plate + magnetic front cover structure, built-in generator, save space and install quickly.
                5. Fully enclosed design effectively prevent rats from entering.
                6. High-quality anti-double bed panel, high-end, clean and beautiful appearance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, low ray blocking rate;
                7. The foot switch controls the four-way floating structure of the bed surface, which can move 44cm left and right, and can move 25cm back and forth;

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