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Medical Model


Advanced full function nursing training manikin(with blood pressure measure) YSBIX-H2400

Model: YSBIX-H2400
  • ModelYSBIX-H2400
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    1.Face washing
    2.hair combing
    3.Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care
    4.Carotid pulse
    5.Endotracheal intubation
    6.Oral and nasal feeding
    7.Oxygen inhaling
    8.Incision of tracheal nursing
    9.Sputum suction
    12. Auscultation of heart sound, breath sound and bowel sound
    13.Blood pressure measure training 
    14.arm venipuncture injection and infusion
    15.deltoid subcutaneous injection
    16.vastus lateralis injection
    17.buttocks intramuscular injection 
    18.Colostomy nursing; closed drainage of thoracic cavity care; drainage of cavitas pericardialis care; T-tube drainage postoperative care; abdonimal drainage care; pneumothorax puncture care
    19. Male female urethral catheterization and bladder irrigationchangeable external genital of male and female
    20. Holistic nursing care: sponge bath, replacing clothes, cold and heat therapy
    Trauma evaluation and care
    1).washing, disinfection, enswathing of the wound; hemostasis and bandaging
    2) Chest wall incision sutured wound care
    3Abdominal incision sutured wound care
    4Thigh injury incision sutured wound care
    5Thigh skin laceration care
    6Leg infective ulcer care
    7Upper arm amputation wound care
    8below knee amputation wound care
    9foot gangrenethe 1st 2nd 3rd toe wound care

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