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Medical Model


Advanced hip muscle injection and Anatomical structure model YSBIX-H4T

Model: YSBIX-H4T
  • ModelYSBIX-H4T
  • BrandYSENMED
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    1.Anatomical structure of clear and accurate injection operation, in order to provide more accurate scientific basis. The structure includes: the proximal femur, greater trochanter, anterior superior iliac spine, posterior superior iliac spine and sacrum.
     2. The left buttock 1/4 is removable, convenient observation confirmed its internal structure, the gluteus medius muscle, gluteus maximus muscle, sciatic nerve and vascular structures.
    3. It can be carried out in three kinds of intramuscular injection of training: dorsal ventral hip Hip injection, injection and bone lateralis injection.
    4. Materials imported plastic elastomer material, made of stainless steel mould injection and sintered at high temperature, texture, durable, needle traces of unknown.
    The advanced intramuscular injection training model is used for intramuscular injection training.
    1. Structure of left gluteal: osteal marks, gluteal muscules, ischiadic nerve and veins
    2. Left gluteal can be taken off. So it is easy to observe internal structure and make sure position of ischiadic nerve and veins.
    3. Gluteal intramuscular injection training.

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