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Auto Computerized Perimeter YSBIO100A

Model: YSBIO100A
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  • ModelYSBIO100A
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    The YSBIO100A automated perimeter absorbs the advantages of international advanced perimetry devices. It comprises the highly integrated computer, optics, machinery and electronics systems. Incorporated with the advanced configuration, comprehensive software inspection categories and offering up to 11 analysis reports by international standards, the device providesscientific approaches for clinical diagnosis of glaucoma, retinal diseases, visual impairments and related neurologicaldiseases, etc..
    Technical Features:

    1. Integrated design, easy to operate, with concise look and space-saving;
    2. Include more than 22 inspection categories, such as glaucoma test, macular function test, perimetry in diabetic patients, neurological perimetry, low vision assessment(test), perimetry of patients with ptosis, etc.
    3. Comprehensive software analysis, including 11 analysis report sunder international standards

    Basic specifications
    Inspection range: 90° full-functioned perimeter
    Inspection distance: 30 cm
    Background luminance: 4asb
    Flicker cursor: rear projection with 2 mm diameter
    Flicker cursor luminance level: 2.5-1000 asb, with 31 tunable levels
    Flicker cursor stimulation time: 200 ms, 250 ms, 300 ms, 350 ms, 400 ms, 450 ms, 500 ms, 7levels
    Flicker cursor interval: 500-1500 ms, with 11 tunable levels
    Fixation monitoring: infrared real-time pupillocalization monitoring system
    Test procedure: There are 22 available test procedures:
    1. Thereshold test procedure: 0-30 ° threshold test, para-central region threshold test,peripheral view threshold test and macular region threshold test.
    2. Screening test procedure: general screening test, peripheral screening test, 0-75°screening test, 0-90° customized screening test, and user- customized screening test.
    3. Special test procedure: central visual field threshold rapid test and peripheral visual field rapid threshold test.
    4. Rapid threshold test procedure: diabetes perimetry,neurological perimetry, nasal step visual field test, central visual field low vision test, perimetry of patients with ptosis, temporal crescent test, and blindspot test.
    5. Glaucoma test: Glaucoma threshold test and glaucoma screening test
    Printing reports: dB numerical plots, fitted gray-scale plots, color images, total deviation plots, pattern deviation plots, total probability plots, pattern probability plots, 3D topographical terrain maps, longitudinal sectional plots, cumulative defect curves, normal dB values. All the above are the 11 types of printed reports by international standards.
    Voice prompts system: There are voice prompts for reminders in the perimetry tests.
    Size: 730 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 620 mm (H)
    Weight: 20 kg
    Power SupplyAC220V/50HZ
    Notewith development of technology, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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