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Coagulation Analyzer


Automated Coagulation Analyzer RAC-050

Model: RAC-050
  • ModelRAC-050
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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      -Random Access, smart and compact
      -Clotting, Chromogenic, Immunologic measuring methods
      -User friendly touch screen interface, simple & easy to operate
      -High throughput routine assays
      -Labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away system
      -Multi-language software (optional)
    Technicial Specifications
    Throughput: 60 tests/hour for PT 
    50 test/hour for PT and APTT
    Parameters: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, AT-W, PLG, D-Dimer, FDP,etc.
    Measuring methods:
    Clotting: Scattered Light Detection method
    Chromogenic: Colorimetric method, 405nm
    Immunologic: Turnidimetric method, 575nm
    Memory: 100,000 test results and 10,000 reaction curves
    Quality Control: 12 QC File*10 test items*30curve*12 month
    Calibration: 6 points*10items
    Automatic, Random Access
    STAT sample priority
    Auto re-diluent/re-test
    Barcode-reading support ( optional)
    Sample Tray
    Sample tray: 27 positions, user-defined STAT
    Incubation temperature:370+0.5©
    Reagent Tray
    Reagent tray: 23 positions
    Reagent coolig: <16©
    Reaction Tray
    Cuvettes on board:72
    Min reaction volume: 150 ul
    Reaction temperature: 37+0.5©
    With probe preheating
    Automatic washing both inside and outside
    With colision protection, liquid level detection and inventory checking
    print out
    Built-in thermal printer, external printer optional
    Measuring and Optic System
    Power: AC110/240V, 50-60+Hz
    Temperature:10©-30©, hummidity<85%
    Water consumption: <0.5L/hour
    Dimension LxWxH (mm): 660 x 580x 510
    Weight: 53KG

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