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Tissue Processor


Automated Tissue Processing Machine YSPD-TS200

Model: YSPD-TS200
Pathology Tissue Processor can prompt judge  and automatic processing in case of abnormal condition
  • ModelYSPD-TS200
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    1) With 16 sets of editable programs, intelligent operation and operation.
    2) Power failure protection function, automatically switch to the built-in power supply after power failure, up to 8 hours, also configure high-power battery, to ensure that the program is completed in one time.
    3) Add specimens at any time during the running of the program; you can switch the paraffin bath to warm the wax at any time. Real-time display of program content, heating status, set temperature, real-time temperature and other operating status.
    4) The scheduled boot time can be set at any time according to the needs of the work.
    5) The order of the baskets can be set according to actual needs.
    6) The surface of the machine body adopts APS static electricity, spraying process, high strength, corrosion resistance, streamlined appearance and easy to clean.
    7) Fully sealed dehydration operation, external exhaust device ensures a green and environmentally friendly working environment.
    8) There are three sets of temperature control systems to ensure that one set is in normal use and two sets are on standby. Real-time display of temperature during operation
    Heating status at a glance, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ° C
    9) Automatic switch machine can set the time arbitrarily within one year
    Quantity of tanks: 12 Tanks (3 wax tanks in the end) 
    Working time: arbitrarily set within 0-24 hours 
    Time of changing tanks and tickling: adjustable 
    Capacity of Single-Tank: 2200ml        
    Starting time of the cylinder : 45 seconds - 120 seconds 
    Organization protection cylinder position: 5 cylinder-7 cylinder   
    Mixing times: 3 times / minute 
    Uncovering mode: Electromagnetic absorption   
    Voltage of power: AC220V±10% ,50HZ±10%    
    Drip retention time: adjustable from 5 to 999 seconds        
    Overall dimension: 1250*410*560 mm

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