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Automatic Endoscope Cleaning and Disinfection Machine -Double Slot YSMJ-ED02

Model: YSMJ-ED02
Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of various types and brands of flexible endoscopes
  • ModelYSMJ-ED02
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Equipment Parameters
    Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of various types and brands of flexible endoscopes
    disinfectant tank capacity 24 L
    enzyme storage tank capacity 2.5 L
    Alcohol storage tank capacity 2.5 L
    disinfectant dosage 9 L
    enzyme dosage Set the dosage according to users’ needs.
    alcohol dosage Set the dosage at user’s requirement during installing and inject automatically into
    pipes of endoscopes and blow dry.
    Leakage Detection Leak-monitoring throughout the whole process and gives an alarm when an air
    leakage occurs.
    disinfection count The microcomputer automatically counts every disinfection process and shows the
    counts on the screen.
     micro printer for operation record printing
    A micro printer is equipped in the WD which can print the process data of every endoscope’s washing like operation time, disinfectant temperature etc. This disinfection record can also be send to connected computer system.
    disinfection time
    Glutaraldehyde: temperature ≥ 43 ℃ , time ≥ 10 mins; constant temperature
    ≥23℃, time ≥18 mins;
    Ortho-phthalaldehyde: constant temperature ≥23℃, time ≥10 mins; Peroxyacetic acid, acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water: room temperature, time ≥10 mins
    Disinfection quality and thermostatic control  
    When detecting insufficient disinfectant solution or machinery faults, the machine gives automatic alarms and indicates the fault content. When the temperature does
    not meet the requirement, the machine will forcibly suspend the initiation process.
    Disinfectant solution addition and discharge
    Self-absorption, self-discharge.
    Electric control of chamber cover(optional)  
    Avoid secondary contamination by hands which open the chamber cover and pick
    up an endoscope, as hands might already be contaminated by the unsterilized external surface of chamber cover.
    ≤70db (during the blow drying).
    Ambient temperature
    Disinfection efficacy
    The log10 inactivation value of Bacillus atrophaeus Nakamura≥3.00
    Self disinfection cycle
    Avoid secondary contaminations.
    Print function(optional)
    Automatic printing of disinfection results
    (little space occupation)
    width≤890mm, depth(front and back) ≤655mm, height≤930mm.
    Chamber Size (large space occupation)
    Length(front and back) ≥505mm, width≥385mm, depth≥mm
     control panel
    Integrated 15 inch touch panel for control and display. Function includes:
    Control or program operation of both left tank and right tank
    Keep recording of details on each operation, including scope number, washing and disinfecting process information and related washer status
      Record in 2) can be retrieved
    Can be connected to network via WIFI for operation record backup
    Visualizing status of disinfectant, water filter, air filter
    Auto alarm when disinfectant or filters reach its usage limit
    When in operation of washing and disinfecting, panel displays operator names, scope number, current step in the process, temperature of
    disinfectant and disinfectant usage status.
    modes Normal, early, later, user define 1, user define 2

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