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Biologic Safety Cabinet BHC-II-B2 Series

Model: BHC-II-B2 Series
It is a kind of negative pressure device widely used in microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experiments, biological products , other fields of scientific research, teaching and clinical examination.
  • ModelBHC-II-B2 Series
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Biological Safety Cabinet B2 series: 100% of the air is sent to operation area via downfall airflow and high efficient.
    Complete system: control system composed of microcomputer chip

    Composed of safety box, framework, fan, high efficient air filter and control system.
    •Material: Safety box is made of high qualified cold-rolled plate and workroom is made of SUS 304 stainless steel.
    •Air outlet is bilayer structure between workroom and outer shell.
    •Air circulating system made of imported fan, high efficiency filter, and negative pressure system air passage. Inhaled air mixed with that in the workroom go through electrostatic box by driving of built-in centrifugal fan.

    Model BHC-1000 II B2 BHC-1300 II B2 BHC-1600 II B2
    Clean level ISO 5( Class 100)/ISO 4(Class 10)
    Filter level/ Filter Efficiency @0.3~0.12μm≥99.995%~99.999%
    Down flow Air Velocity 0.25m/s~0.5m/s
    Inflow Air Velocity ≥0.5m/s
    Noise ≤67dB(A)
    Vibration Half Peak ≤5μm
    Power AC 220V/50Hz, single phase
    Biological protection air balance Operator protection(Repeat for 3 times) a. Total colony of impact mining pattern ≤10CFU./time
    b. Total colony of crack type sampling ≤5CFU./time

    Sample protection(Repeat for 3 times) Total colony ≤5 CFU./time
    Cross-contamination protection(Repeat for 3 times) Total colony ≤2 CFU./time
    Max. Consumption (KVA) ≤1500KVA(with spare socket)
    Weight (Kg) 150 200 250
    Work room size (W*D*H) (cm) 100x57x63.5 130x57x63.5 160x57x63.5
    Outer size (cm) 120x85.5x235 150x85.5x235 180x79.5x235
    Fluorescent tube Size

    30W×② 40W×② 40W×②
    UV Lamp Size & Quantity 20W×① 30W×① 40W×①
    Luminance ≥650lx
    Diameter of air outlet (cm) Φ20 Φ25
    Wind direction Come in and out from the top

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