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Patient Monitors


Central Patient Monitoring System YSUC10A

Model: YSUC10A
Central Patient  Monitoring System YSUC10A
  • ModelYSUC10A
  • BrandYSENMED
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    YSUC10A Central monitoring station provides a medical information management solution used in clinical environment by connecting monitor network with patient monitors. It can collect, process and display patient information from bedside monitors and remote control the monitors by wired or wireless network, suitable for performing continuous monitoring of several patients in CCU and ICU wards  simultaneously, which will greatly help doctors and nurses increase the work efficiency.

    Ø Wired or wireless central monitoring station solution
    Ø Base on windows XP or windows 7 system, powerful function, stable and reliable operation, flexible interface
    Ø Fully functioned Menu system, flexible mouse operation
    Ø  Support multi-bed display or focus on observation of any single bed of all waveforms and parameters
    Ø Display up to 64 beside monitors physiological parameters and waveforms simultaneously
    Ø Three-level acoustic and visual alarm, adjustable alarm limits
    Ø Bidirectional controlling function. Remote NIBP ON/OFF control, Alarm limit and patient information can set on the central monitoring station and bedside monitor
    Ø Support external connection to laser printer with A4 paper size

    Technical Specification
    Power Supply: AC 100/ 200-240V, 50-60 Hz
    Basic Information for the Host computer
    Mainframe: recommend Intel main board, CPU≧P4,2.8G or dual-core processor, Memory ≧1G, Hard Disk≧160G DVD ROM
    System: Windows XP or Windows 7 System.
    Display screen: 17”or 19” color LCD.
    Software function
    Parameter display: Electrocardiogram (ECG), ST, Heart Rate (HR), Respiration Rate (RR), Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP), SPO2, Pulse Rate (PR), Temperature (TEMP)
    Waveform display: Electrocardiogram (ECG), Respiration (RESP), SPO2
    Alarm: Three level Acoustic and visual alarm
    Extensible external loudspeaker
    Alarm limits can be set up for all the parameters of each bed
    CMS supports peripheral devices, such as printer, to output monitoring report
    Print function: review print, trend print, ECG print
    One CMS can connect up to 64 bedside monitors and display up to 8 monitors’ information simultaneously on the screen


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