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Infant Incubators


Comen BQ80 Infant Radiant Warmer

Model: Comen BQ80
  • ModelComen BQ80
  • BrandYSENMED
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     T- Piece

    Consistent with TABC standard of International Asphyxia Resuscitation Guidance. Providing safe and effective integrated asphyxia resuscitation and ventilation management including negative pressure sputum suction, positive pressure resuscitation, and oxygen therapy;

    Provides safe, stable and controllable PIP and PEEP to ensure functional residual capacity (FRC) and improve lung compliance;

    With air oxygen mixing function, oxygen concentration control accuracy in ± 3%.

    Timely Monitoring

    BQ80 integrates specialized neonatal monitoring system. It can monitor the vital signs and waveforms of newborns in real time during resuscitation without additional patient monitor, so that medical staff can evaluate and decide if the resuscitation measures are effective.

    Specialized Neonatal Monitoring System

    Includes specialized ExNeo neonatal ECG technology, Adap- DSP self-adaptive blood pressure processing technology, Masimo SET neonatal blood oxygen technology, patented neonatal apnea self-rescue technology, and equipped with specialized neonatal accessories that have passed the biocompatibility test;

    Whether it is to ensure the accuracy of ECG, respiration, blood oxygen, blood pressure, or to treat the suffocating symptoms caused by apnea, it has obvious advantages, which provides great convenience for newborn rescue and resuscitation.

    Comen B8

    Jaundice Treatment

    High-end LED light source

    Natural and soft blue light;

    Adapt CREE high-brightness LED chip and its current conversion efficiency up to 90%;

    The effective wavelength range of light is 430-490nm;

    The energy of light is up to 45μW/cm2/nm, with high, medium and low three-position switch for personalized Jaundice treatment.

    MIX-light System

    By multiple reflection and uniform combination of blue and white beam of light, Mixing-Light system effectively ease nurses’ discomfort while operating.

    Application of two-lens enable blue spots to perfectly cover the whole surface of bed without light leak.

    Display of cumulative and single illumination time period facilitate nurses to recognize the service time of bulb and operate timely.

    Excellent performance of LED bulb with a long service time for more than 50,000 hours.

    Ergonomic Design

    Hands-free Alarm Silence

    Self-adaptive Brightness Adjustment Touch Screen

    360° Visible Alarm Indicator

    Humanized Damping Door

    Electric Bed Lifting

    Bed Tilting

    Patented Tilt Angle Display

    Rotary Lamp

    Built-in X-ray Film Box

    LED Lamp for Puncture

    Integrated Electronic Scale 

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