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Infant Incubators


Comen Neonatal Incubator B3 Baby Warmer Incubator

Model: Comen B3
  • ModelComen B3
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Comen Neonatal Incubator B3 Baby Warmer Incubator

    Neonatal incubator is warming equipment used for providing constant temperature and humidity for treatment of premature infants and critical neonates on the basis of satisfying their physiological characteristics and needs.

    COMEN B3 incubator was thoughtfully designed to provides stable temperature and suitable humidity ambient, in addition to configure vital signs monitoring function to promoting the growth and stability of even the most fragile of patients.

    Standard Configuration: Humidity Control, Temp (body temperature& incubator temperature), O2 Monitoring,

    Optional Configuration: Weight Scale, Apnea Monitoring, Apnea awaking, Servo oxygen supply, Damping Doors

    Safety Standards: ISO 13485:2003 approved, MDD 93/42/EEC as amended by MDD 2007/47/EC

    Operation Environment

    Working Temp 20~30°C

    Humidity ≤80%

    Air flow: ≤0.3m/s

    Power Supply 100-240V~, 50/60Hz±1Hz

    Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

    Battery Capacity 4400mAh

    Battery Recharging Time: Maximum 6 hours for charging;

    Battery backup 1 hours for continuous working (such functions as heating, humidifying shall be excluded)

    Indicator: One alarm indicator, Power indicator, Battery indicator, QRS beep and alarm sound, Operating key sound

    Interface: Parameter cable interface, AC power input, Three auxiliary power output, Plug-in slot, USB port

    Date storage:

    Alarm Review: 200 groups

    Power-off storage: Yes

    Alarm: User-adjustable High and Low 3-level Limits; Prioritized audible and visual alarm

    Network: Connected to Central Monitoring System by hardwire/wireless

    Temperature Control

    Setting range: 35.0~37.5°C (Infant mode); 25.0~39.0°C (Air Mode), Set temperature exceeds 37°C, should press the display the "> 37°C" key, and then confirmed by the interface pop-up window to enter

    Measurement range: 25.0~45.0°C

    Resolution: 0.1°C

    Accuracy: ±0.3°C

    Alarm range: 34~38.5°C (Infant mode), 23~41°C (Air Mode)

    Heating time: ≤35mins (Temperature inside the thermostat cover rises by 11°C) 

    Humidification time: ≤50mins (In indoor environment to 25°C±2°C, relative humidity of 40%±10% conditions, reach to 36°C, relative humidity of 85%)

    Operation without adding water time: ≥12 hours

    Humidity Control

    Relative humidity range: 30%~95%

    Resolution: 1%

    Accuracy: ±10% (Humidity less than 85%); ≥75% (Humidity over than 85%)

    Alarm: Audible and visual alarm; alarm events reviewable

    Physical Characteristics



    Screen Size

    8" TFT touch screen




    800 × 600

    Water Tank Capacity


    X-ray tray






    Tray and bracket


    Caster wheel

    four brakes


    Air flow rate inside thermostat cover: ≤0.2m/s

    Work mode: Air/ Infant

    Bed tilt range: -10 ~ +10°

    Input voltage 220 V~

    Input current 6.6 A

    Input frequency 50/60 Hz

    Auxiliary output supply

    Output voltage 240 V~

    Output frequency 50/60 Hz

    Output current 0.9A

    Oxygen Servo-Controller

    Setting range: 21~60%

    Measurement range: 10~100%

    Accuracy: ±2%

    O2 supply pressure: 0.27~0.7MPa

    O2 Concentration Calibration Available

    Weight Scale

    Measurement Range: 300g~8000g

    Resolution: 1g

    Accuracy: ±10g

    Trend View: 7days


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