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Bone Densitometry


DXA or DEXA Bone Densitometry

Model: YSDXA-2
  • ModelYSDXA-2
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Performance & Features

    High-quality image processing technology

    Advanced imaging technology not only provides fast scanning, but also guarantees high-definition resolution and scanned images

    Sector scanning technology

    The sector scanning technology reduces the distortion caused by magnification and the  geometric distortion caused  by full-body scanning.  It  minimizes the deviation of the beam and provide a more accurate bone density measurement.

    Rapid scanning

    Thanks to the advantages of hardware and software for the unit. It realizes rapid scanning and measurement for lumbar spine, femur, forearm and other parts for the body.

    Whole body assessment & body composition analysis 

    Provide a comprehensive

    physical assessment. Sector scanning technology accurately measures body composition (fat content, tissue, muscle, fat percentage, etc.)

    Spine assessment analysis

    In addition to the scanning measurement of the anterior spine, the characteristic LVA lateral spine evaluation reflects the osteoporosis of the measured population comprehensively, which improves the accuracy and reliability of the measurement.

    Femur assessment analysis

    Measure the bone mineral density of the femur, analyze the structure of the femur and assess the risk of fracture.


    Special application mode

    Pediatric application mode-measuring children's bone density

    Intelligent optimization mode-remove the influence of prosthesis, metal fasteners and other components on femoral bone density measurement.

    Bone densitometer inspection report

    The report displays the images of 3 parts, and the scan image, point distribution map, data report, etc. are also displayed in the report. When the patient is measured, a black dot appears on the color data chart.

    The background of the chart is the assessment of fracture risk in three colors: green and light green: T-score is above -1, and bone density is normal; yellow: T-score is between -1 and -2.5, and bone mass is reduced ; light Red and red: T-score below -2.5, osteoporosis.

    Technical Parameter

    Product configuration checklist

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