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Lab Incubators


Electrothermal Thermostatic Incubator Price HH-B11-S

Model: HH-B11-S
This product utilizes hot and dry heating to bring poising to the microbes by oxidizing, protein denaturation, and electrolyte concentration.
  • ModelHH-B11-S
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    This incubator , also known as electrothermal thermostatic cell (mildew), is applied in medical institutions, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science for bacterial incubation, breeding, fermentation and other thermostatic experiment.
    •LED display, microprocessor PID temperature controller.
    •Timing range: 1~9999min
    Personalized structure design:
    •Steel chamber, easy to clean. 
    •Cold-rolled plate with power coating.
    •Shelves can be adjusted easily.
    •Natural convection without air flow to avoid contamination.
    Safety functions:
    •Over-temperature protection, temperature sensor open circuit or short circuit protection.
    •Power auto-off and alarm if there’s abnormity.
    •Parameters auto-save when there is a power interruption or system breakdown
    •Over-temperature protection, temperature sensor malfunction alarm.
    •Parameters auto-save when there is a power interruption or system breakdown.
    Model Outline dimension
    Work room dimension
    Working capacity
    Shelves Rated Power
    Main technical parameters
    HH-B11·260-TS 36×36×58 26×26×30 20 50×50×74 2 150 22/30 Temperature range:
    Temperature fluctuation:
    Temperature uniformity:
    Power supply:
    AC220V 50Hz

    HH-B11·360-S 61×51×67 36×36×42 54 68×58×81 2 300 40/60
    HH-B11·420-S 67×57×77 42×42×50 88 80×70×94 2 400 50/75
    HH-B11·500-S 75×65×89 50×50×60 150 88×78×106 3 600 75/110
    HH-B11·600-S 85×75×100 60×60×71 256 98×88×117 3 700 100/140

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