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Autopsy Equipment


Embedded side cabinet of autopsy station YSJPZ240

Model: YSJPZ240
Embedded side cabinet of autopsy station YSJPZ240
  • ModelYSJPZ240
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Material: high quality 304 stainless steel cold rolled steel 

    Surface hardness: HV200 

    Bending: 180

    Tensile strength: tensiletestts / nmm2min520 


    Specification: A type 2400L*600W*1100H mm (Double person)

    Main function:

    ◆The table is equipped withmovable screen isolation plate, and side cabinet drawer for placing appliances.

    ◆The upper and lower louver air outlets can quickly purify the air and need to be connected with the external exhaust fan.

    ◆Equipped with hair isolator in the pool to prevent hair from entering the drain pipe.

    ◆The grinder under the pool can crush the dissected broken tissue and discharge it through drainage.(optional)

    ◆Arc structure around the table, no dead angle, not easy to scale, easy to clean

    ◆Equipped with hot and cold regulator, manual faucet, and hose (water heater to be connected)

    ◆9-function movable spray washing gun, which can wash the whole dirt.

    ◆LED lamp, hook and UV disinfection lamp are set above

    ◆Equipped with leakage protection device and waterproof socket 220V 50Hz.

    ◆Stainless steel autopsy cart (optional)

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