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ENT Diagnostic Device


ENT Diagnostic Set YSENT-WG1

Model: YSENT-WG1
ENT diagnostic set, ENT diagnostic set is designed for doctor's medical check eyes,ears,nose,mouth and throat.
  • ModelYSENT-WG1
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Purpose: ENT diagnostic set is designed for doctor's medical check eyes,
    ears,nose,mouth and throat.
    FEATURES:Ophthalmoscope's lenses are polished with refined high quality optical glasses.
    Optical prism projects clear image on eye bottom due to its umique design,no cornea
    reflecting light and even lighting,which highly improves diagnostic function.Aesthetic
    and endurable battery handle is equipped also.

    WG-I,II,IIB,Diopter compensation: ±1,±2,±3,±4,±5,±6,±8,±10,±12,±15,±20,-25,-30
    WG-III,Diopter compensation: ±1,±2,±3,±4,±6,±8,±10,±15,±20,±25,+40
    WG-IIIE,Diopter compensation: ±1,±2,±3,±4,±5,±6,±8,±10,±12,±16,±20,-25
    WG-XP,XPB,XPC,Diopter compensation: ±1,±2,±3,±4,±5,±6,±8,±10,±15,±20,±25,+40

    Although ear specula's diameter varies,it still can be installed on otoscope easily.

    Axis of 3-times magnified glasses is nearly coincided with axis of equipped lighting source,
    which suits for further inside check.

    Different sizes of laryngeal mirror are applied under various working conditions.

    It can also work with laryngoscope as combination for mouth & throat check better.

    Endurable and sound conductive battery handle.
    2.Otoscope Carrier
    3 .Ear Specula (3,4,5,6mm Diam)
    4.Nasal Apeculum(8mm Diam)
    5.Dilating Nasal Speculum
    6.Laryngeal Mirror Stem
    7.Laryngeal Mirrors
    8.Tongue Depressor Plastic
    9.Battery Handle
    10.Spare Bulbs(2 Large and 2 Small 2.5v/0.3A)

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