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HbA1c Analyzer


Fully Auto Glycated Hemoglobin Analyzer YSTE760

Model: YSTE760
  • ModelYSTE760
  • BrandYSENMED
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    LAOLA JL-760

    Easy Operation
    l High-definition color touch screen, touch-tone menu, operation freely
    l Put 20ul whole blood into sample cup, press “START: to test directly
    l 3.5 minutes per sample
    l 15 sample positions, CAL1, CAL2, QC, ST
    Data Management
    l USB Port: Connect with LIS system to manage and analyses the results, support remote online upgrade
    l TF card storage, copy the data into the computer freely, print consolidated report, make sure that the user enjoy the best service.
    l PS-2 port, external barcode scanner
    Simple Maintenance
    l Fully modular design, all components are installed in 7 modules. If fault occurs, can find the damaged parts quickly and accurately, solve problems with fastest response.
    l Use constant peristaltic pump for reagent pump, high precision for flow liquid, small pulse, long life, pump tube replaced every six months only.
    l Reliable temperature control system, ensure the separation system not effected by the outside temperature, and also can eliminate the unstable substances of samples effectively, so that the heating and separate detection can be done simultaneously
    l Reliable sample positioning detector can ensure the consistency of injection volume, Dual-level liquid sensor can prevent false alarms during the operation, but also detect the lack of reagent volume timely.
    l Automatic calibration may correspond to IFCC and NGSP, standard, get reliable result.
    l Real-time quality control, display the QC statistics and charts, easier monitoring equipment performance.
      Within-Run(n=20) Inter-Run(n=20)
    Low High Low High
    Mean 5.56 10.24 5.64 10.18
    SD 0.08 0.09 0.12 0.15
    CV(%) 1.43 0.87 2.13 1.47
    Instrument               Fully-Auto Glycated Hemoglobin HbA1c Analyzer
    Model                   YSTE760
    Test Method              Low pressure ion exchange liquid chromatography (LPLC)
    Test Item                 HbA1ab  HbA1c
    Sample Type             Whole blood, hemolysis blood
    Sample Volume           Whole blood 20ul, hemolysis blood 800ul
    Photometer              415nm LED Integral flow colorimeter
    Analysis Time             3.5mins
    Precision                 CV≤3.0%
    Display                  320×240 LC Graphic display, displaying real-time testing curve
    Printer                  57nm Thermal printer, printing test curve and report
    Panel                   0-9, YES, NO, START, STOP, ST, PRINT
    Data Storage            2G TF Card, more than 100,000 test reports storage (including Curve)
    USB Port               Support remote upgrading, LIS interface
    PS-2 port               External Barcode Scanner
    Power Supply           220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
    Working Environment    Temperature 10℃~30℃, Relative humidity 30%~75%
    Size                    550mm×405mm×347mm
    Weight                  15Kg

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