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X Ray Accessories


Fully Automatic X-ray Film Processor Machine YSX1501

Model: YSX1501
Fully Automatic X-ray Film Processor Machine:Applicability: Suitable for handling the various models of the X-ray specifications,CT,MRT, and other film
  • ModelYSX1501
  • BrandYSENMED
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    1.Applicability: Suitable for handling the various models of the X-ray specifications,CT,MRT, and other film

    2.Microcomputer: The most convenient way of regulating the various washing-parameter

    3.Anti-oxidation :Effective prevents drugs are oxidized to produce high-definition image

    4.High Standards:Precise temperature and speed control ,sinnificantiy,fixing set temperature and the actural temperature differenceis not more than 0.3°C

    5.High economic: Standby function which lowered the water and electricity consumption at anytime be able to satisfy the requirements to washing film

    Model YSX1501
    Operation conditions:
    Voltage 220V±10%,50/60Hz, 8.8A single-phase
    Dryer temp 5~25℃
    Ambient humidity  less than 60%
    Power of the whole machine:  less than 2kw
    Technical specifications:
    Type desktop  Console model
    Rinse width  3"×6"~14"×17"
     Process time  105/135/165s
     Develop time 25/35/45s
    Film feed mode U-slot
    Film sensing mode micro switch
     Develop temperature adjustable 28 -37℃(plus or minus 0.3 )
    Developing capacity 80p/h (14"*17"); 145p/h(10"*12")
    Dryer temperature  40~65℃
     Channel volume  Develop\Fixer\Water\each 5.2L
    Washing Control Water 2~8L/ minute when rinse
    Water developing control mode  solenoid valve control
    Anti-oxidation function                  60mins interval
    Anti-crystallization 30mins interval
     Replenishment  Auto. /manual 20~200ml/for 0.5s. Q. M
    Packing size 1130*775*750
    Goss weight 100KG

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