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Video Colposcope


Gynecology Video Colposcope YSSW3303

Model: YSSW3303
The device is used for checking pathological changes in vulva, vagina and cervix, filtering cervix cancer by fluorescence indirectly and images management.
  • ModelYSSW3303
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    1) Apparatus Introduction

    It is an electrical and optical high-tech diagnosis system merging computer technology, optics, imaging study, ergonomics principles and colposcopy, so that it can have more accurate evaluation on the border sector where we are not able to see by our naked eyes and bring more comprehensive solution to diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

    2) Applicable Range

    1. Vaginal exfoliative cytology smear examination is more than three Pap levels.

    2. Cytological examination is negative, but the naked eye observation has the suspicion of cancer

    3. Long-term treatment in accordance with cervicitis, but the effects are not good.

    4. The minor structural form of the lesions is difficult to determine by the observation with the naked eye.

    5. The disease site and its spread part that can only be determined under the electric colposcopy before cervical cancer surgery

    3) Apparatus Features

    Specialized design, simple operation, and more humanity

    1. SONY Exview HAD high-speed auto-focus CCD technology,make the instrument can track, capture and observe the details change of images fast.

    2. Wide view with depth design makes observation or acquisition image more three-dimensional.

    3. Ultra-high white LED ring light source group structure, achieving the effect of shadowless lamp, makes the image more realistic clear, and enables illuminance and color temperature control to be more realistically represent the morphological changes of observed tissues.

    4. The system control includes the functions of continuous optical zoom adjustment, magnification display, the reaction time of acetic acid, the electronic green light source, image freeze, etc.

    The realization of the quantization control on the detection process and image analysis

    It breaks the demerits of the traditional colposcopy that is over-reliant on experience and difficult to grasp quality control. Through the entire inspection process of quantitative control and technical guidance, the standardization and quantification of the inspection process and technology can be realized, which can greatly reduce the complexity of popularizing the colposcopy technology, so that experts' experience and inspection methods are easier to be copied and inherited.

    Realization of the statistical analysis of inspection data

    Based on SQL server data management technology and perfect software analysis function, it can give different statistical analysis on the patient information, providing doctors with the data management of the results to make it convenient to summary, research and teach.

    4) Software Features

    1. Possessing functions of real-time, freezing, collecting, processing, pseudo-color, measuring, comparing, saving, editing images and others.

    2. Editing report quickly and easily, and lots of practical expert diagnosis thesaurus, templates, making it easy to tune out and edit

    3. Dynamic video without time limits and storage systems

    4. More than 300,000 cases storage capacity

    5. Large C / S structure database server

    6. Compatible with the PACS system, with a sound network system function

    7. With rich standard body parts map and typical case images and diagnostic results to help doctors quickly and accurately diagnose the illness

    5) Performance Indicators

    1. Camera:Sony Exview HAD Camera, supporting RS232 illumination

    2. Lens resolution:1 / 4 "Super HAD color CCD, 800,000 pixels

    3. Lens horizon resolution: 480 lines or more

    4. Camera Video Output Interface: S-Video, Video, PAL format

    5. The camera signal to noise ratio: 52 db

    6. The lens focusing distance: standard 200 ~ 500mm, support 150 ~ 550mm

    7. 18 times optical zoom lens, digital zoom 12 times

    8. Magnification: 216 times

    9. Field of view: Φ = 2.5 ~ 320mm

    10. Camera self-balancing: internal AWB metering mode

    11. Light source types of lens: multi-point circular LED group

    12. Lens focus mode: fast automatic or manual focusing


    Packing details

    Packing size:


    Gross weight: 60 KGS


    Warranty:18 monthes

    Payment term:T/T in advance

    Delivery period:3-5 days after payment

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