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Anesthesia Machines


High Quality Mobile Anesthesia Machine YSAV01A1

Model: YSAV01A1
Good Quality Mobile Anesthesia Machine YSAV01A1
  • ModelYSAV01A1
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Alarm parameter: upper/lower limit of ventilation volume, upper /lower limit of airway pressure, tidal volume exceed limitation, no tidal volume output, apnea, AC power malfunction, battery low power
    CO2 absorber capacity: 1.5 kg
    Ptr: -10~10 hPa;
    Respiration Frequency: 4~40 bpm
    I:E: 1:1.5; 1:2.0; 1:2.5; 1:3
    Tidal Volume: 50~1500 mL;
    Respiration Mode: IPPV, SIPPV, Manu
    Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/Min;
    One vaporizer, Enflurane / Isoflurane / Sevoflurane; (Option: Halothane)
    4-tube flowmeters, O2 & N2O;0.1 L/Min ~ 10 L/Min;
    With 1 patient circuit for adult (Option: patient circuit for children).
    Built-in ventilator, LED display screen
    Pneumatically driven electronically controlled system
    Technical Data:

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