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Mobile X-ray Machine


Hot Sales Medical 40kw Mobile X-ray unit YSX400GM-C

Model: YSX400GM-C
High-performance High power high-frequency high voltage generator, large capacity of X-ray tube, to provide powerful guarantee for the output of high-quality X-ray sources
  • ModelYSX400GM-C
  • BrandYsenmed
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  • MOQ1
  • Ship FromGuangzhou, Shenzhen, China
  • ShippingAir/Sea
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    1.High performance
    High power high frequency high voltage generator, large capacity of X-ray tube, to provide powerful guarantee for the output of high quality X-ray sources ; High-resolution wireless flat-panel detector can get rid of the bondage of cable and highlight the flexibility of placement. Meanwhile ,high resolution imaging is the solid foundation for high quality digital image.

    2. New power supply design
    Can use AC/DC two power supply modes for exposure, improve scene adaptability, not subject to any environmental restrictions.
    High quality lithium battery device, with green environmental protection, light weight, small volume, greatly shorten the charging time, improve the service life and unique power advantage.
    One full battery can take more than 240 times exposures(chest film).

    3.Light and flexible
    With compact structure, the machine can rotate omnidirectionally in situ in a narrow space and can move easily in the space of bedside;
    Folding arm design, medical staff can look straight to the road ahead without obscuring vision to avoid pedestrians bruised and machine damaged when pushing the machine forward.
    200 kg super light weight, freely moving.

    4.Solid and durable
    Modular and facilitation design, pedestal of the machine is made of steel and framework is made of sheet metal material, so as to enhance the structural strength and reduce maintenance costs;

    Unique design of U-shape anti-collision steel bar , to protect the machine head from the impact.

    5.Pedal brake device
    Unique design of pedal brake device,stop easily.

    Tilting preventing pedal

    Unique design of tilting preventing pedal, Can have the effect of support and protection when the machine tilts; when encounter obstacles ahead, trample down the pedal, the front wheel will lift a certain height, so as to make the machine pass through obstacles.

    6.Fast startup & shutdown
    One knob for Startup & Shutdown, convenient and one-step.

    Boot time is less than 12s, fast boot response improves the work efficiency.

    7.Support for multiple exposure modes
    Hand switch exposure, Remote control exposure , time-delay exposure, the operator can choose one according to the inspection demand preferential.

    8.Never say never
    Double wireless networks (wireless network card + wireless router)

    Adjustable buttons at the front and the back of the collimator
    abundant external equipment interface

    YSENMED YSX400GM-C xray machine has widely been used in clinical application, can satisfy the radiology department, the ICU, the operating room and neonatal ward bed ‘s exposure needs.  sternum stand and Photography flat bed are optional for the examination of Chest, waist, abdomen, foot, etc. in X-ray room and on medical examination vehicle.

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