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Low-temperature Plasma Sterilizers


Low-temperature Plasma Sterilizer YSMJ-DW80

Model: YSMJ-DW80
Low-temperature Plasma Sterilizer for sale with good price.
  • ModelYSMJ-DW80
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    It is suitable for all kinds of surgical instruments sensitive to heat and moisture including consecutive operation of gynecological laparoscopic,ophthalmic,ear-nose-throat,cardiac,especially for rigid endoscope to be sterilized, widely used in the fields of key medical departments such as operation room and supply room.

    Technology advantage:
    Siemens PLC control, international famous brand touch screen man-machine interface, storage function with U disc, U disc reading position machine software, stable performance, user-friendly operation

    Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is injected accurately with adjustable injection rate and refrigeration preservation device below 20℃ is used, which reduce the cost under the guarantee of sterilization effect.

    Single-cycle sterilization process can effectively sterilize for the ptfe hose with diameter=1mm, length=2000mm and stainless instrument with diameter=1mm, length=500mm to ensure sterilization effect.

    Full automatic up & down sealing door with far infrared ray hand-protected design will give an alarm in advance when meeting obstacles and protect operator safety without touching obstacles.

    Only a few oxygen and water are left after sterilization, no harm to the environment and human.

    Automatic detection function can real-timely monitor the process of sterilization. If abnormal, system will automatically give an alarm and display the reason of failure.

    All core parts such as vacuum pump, electromagnetic valve, metering device, air filter adopt international famous brand components.

    Purification equipment for hydro-gen peroxide is equipped with device to ensure sterilization effect of long-narrow lumen.

    Main parameters:
    Sterilizing agent: 60% Hydro-gen peroxide

    Environmental requirement: temperature between 10℃ and 40℃, humidity below 60%RH

    Setting space: 1600×1200mm

    Sterilization time: standard cycle≤45 minutes


    Models Volume Chamber size(Φ×L) Outer size (W×H×D) Net weight Supply voltage Frequency Power
    Single door
    80L 450×312×670mm 696×1440×923mm 240KG 220V 50HZ 3KW
    Single door
    120L 450×410×780mm 816×1798×1018mm 240KG 220V 50HZ 3KW
    Double door
    120L 450×410×780mm 816×1798×1020mm 300KG 220V 50HZ 3KW
    Single door
    240L 650×550×780mm 1070×1920×1020mm 300KG 380V 50HZ 3KW
    Double door
    240L 650×550×780mm 1070×1920×1020mm 300KG 380V 50HZ 3KW

    Annotations: custom-made according to special requirement. The factory has the right to modify and optimize for pictures and parameters.

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