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Manufacture 3Liter medical oxygen concentrator YSOCS-C3W

Model: YSOCS-C3W
  • ModelYSOCS-C3W
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Window filter and inlet filters easy to replace and wash;

     The metal outlet is designed to be used with the humidifier adaptor;

    The easy dial flow control, makes setting the flow easy for any patients;

    Innovative big size LCD display convenient to view the operating parameters ;

    US humidifier bottle with 6 psi pressure enjoy with comfortable breathing oxygen;

     Inner case housing adopt Ceramics technique,non spray paint;

     Customized mute cotton make sure non pulverization phenomenon min 3 years;

     The inside pipeline use the Medical class silicone tube and nylon tube, more safe than industrial silicone tube and plastic tube, no pollution, no peculiar smell;      

     Cooling system: copper tube and aluminum fins, compare with only aluminium or copper tube, better for heat dissipation and ensure the machine to continuously work for 24 hours without overheat interruption;


    · Oxygen concentration display

    · Low oxygen concentration alarm

    · Imported molecular sieves

    · 24-hour continuous and stable oxygen supply

    · Oxygen flow rate: 0.5-3L/min

    · Oxygen concentration: > 90%

    · Output pressure: 0.02-0.07 MPa

    · Power supply: AC220V + 22V, 50Hz + 1Hz

    · Noise: <60dB


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