Fetal and Maternal Monitor


Medical 10.4 Inches Portable Maternal Fetal Doppler Monitor YSFM100

Model: YSFM100
High-tech fetal& maternal monitor,it offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in the clinic and hospital, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.
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    YSFM100 Products:

    High-tech fetal& maternal monitor,it offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in the clinic and hospital, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.

    YSFM100 Features:

    ♦ Folded 10.4 inches TFT LCD high-brightness screen

    ♦ 12-crystal waterproof pulse Doppler transducer (optional), providing wider beam area and more homogeneous signal, thus realizing better performance for beside monitors than conventional transducers.

    ♦ Event Marker makes it easy to annotate perceived fetal movements (FM),

    or other events on the strip chart.

    ♦ Fetal Movement Profile(FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements.

    ♦ Heart rate offset mode makes it easy to visually distinguish between the heart rates of twins by allowing you to offset the secondary FHR + 30BPM.

    ♦ Heartbeat Coincidence recognition provides visual and audible indication when it detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart-rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring a duplicate signal.

    ♦ Fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is outside of the user-defined high/low range.

    ♦ Easy-to-load Z-fold paper stacks itself neatly upon exiting the recorder, facilitating easy storage.

    ♦ Internal Li-on battery power or AC power from external power supply.

    ♦ Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station

    ♦ NST Report (Fetus health report)

    Fetal Acoustic Stimulator(FASt):

    The optional Fetal Acoustic Stimulator uses low frequency vibro-acoustic stimuli(VAS) to “wake” the fetus, increasing the efficiency of antepartum testing and improving retest consistency. VAS indicated with a musical note on the strip

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