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CPAP Machine


Mobile Infant CPAP machine YSAV-5B-M2

Model: YSAV-5B-M2
Bubble CPAP is a special medical equipment for supporting of babies’ breath which devised and manufactured based on the wide application of closed continuous NCPAP in department of pediatrics. It uses on the course of ventilation treatment of Nasal-CPAP
  • ModelYSAV-5B-M2
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Mobile Infant CPAP Machine YSAV-5B-M2

    Product Detail:

    Advanced treatment reduces the unnecessary of tracheal cannula;

    Reduce the time of mechanical ventilation effectively;

    Avoid over-weaning;

    Double blender output, can supply to two patients at the same time; expand to oxygen therapy, resuscitation, and BUBBLE CPAP;

    MCV mode, save rescue time;

    Applied to infant with light respiratory failure infant but with high autonomous respiration too.

    The mode of CPAP can reduce babies’ WOB effectively, while keeping the autonomous respiration well.


    Technical parameter:

    CPAP mode: supply the constant flow and pressure confinement for neonate, premature continuously.

    FIO2(Blender): 21%~100%

    Flow: 0~18LPM

    CPAP adjustment: 0~1.0kPa(0~10cmH2O)

    MCV mode: button replace the artificial air ventilation



    Differential alarm: differential pressure between 0.05MPa~0.12MPa, sound alarm.

    Low battery alarm: when the voltage reduce to 6.8V±0.5V, LCD will alarm “LOW BATTERY”.



    Pressure monitor: 0~1kPa(0.10cmH2O)

    FIO2: 21%~100%

    Pressure safety valve: if the pressure in tubes over 1.5times than adjusting parameter, the safety valve will open automatically.


    Common parameter:

    Size: W*H*D 617.5cm*437.5cm*525cm

    Weight: about 4KG

    Gas-source: 0.3MPa~0.4MPa



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