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Air Disinfector


Movable UV lamp air disinfector Dynamic Air Disinfector YSMJ-Y100

Model: YSMJ-Y100
Moveable UV lamp air disinfector Dynamic Air Disinfector for sale with good price.
  • ModelYSMJ-Y100
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    The movable-type disinfestor is typical of artistic contour and facile migration. 
    It is suitably used for machine multi-rooms situation and can be provided with the ozone disinfection.
     It can simultaneously carry on the dualdisinfection by the ultraviolet ray and the ozone.
    May continuously disinfect in the place with humanbeing;
    Long life, high strength ultraviolet ray sterilization;
    Double filtration by initial and high efficiency; big output of the wind and long service life;
    Remove the dust and eliminate the fungus by static adsorption;
    Eliminate the unusual smell by TiO2 activated charcoal antibacterial Clean the air freshly by anions;
    The speed of the wind(high,center,low)may be adjusted and the direction may be circulated in the multi-angles;
    Automatically work,controled by the microcomputer;
    Automatically monitor the ultraviolet ray breakdown;
    Automatically record and demonstrate the operating time;
    Remote control operation by far-infrared ray.


    Type     Wind amount
    Disinfection CBM(m3) Power(w) Efficient filter  Remote control Style Size
    YSMJ-Y100 >=1000 <=100 <=250 yes yes movable 30*39*88
    YSMJ-Y120 >=1300 <=120 <=360 yes yes movable 38*53**94
    Diisinfection effect(cfu/m3)                                                         <=200
    Ultraviolet leakage outside the machine(uw/cm2)                 <=0
    Ultraviolet leakage outside the machine(uw/cm2)                 >=13800
    Ozone content(mg/m3)                                                               <=0
    Lifetime of the uv lamp(h)                                                           >=5000
    Voltage                                                                                           220V/50HZ 
    Noise   db(A)                                                                                 <=50

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