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Auto Perimeter


Ophthalmic Visual Field Analyzer YSMD-820A

Model: YSMD-820A
Ophthalmic Visual Field Analyzer for sale with good price
  • ModelYSMD-820A
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Ø Configuration of the perimeter: computer, printer, table and main unit of the perimeter
    Ø Clinical practicality, Superior function & Understandable report
    Ø Accurate, stable & economical

     Type: Hemispherical Bowl Type (Radius 300 mm)
     Stimulus Size: Φ2mm
    Stimulus light source:  LED
     MD-820 Measuring Area 1. 10° stimulus (62 point), red
    2. 30° stimulus (76 point), (wave 585nm)
    3. 30° ~ 60°stimulus (60 point), (wave 585nm)
    4. 60° stimulus (76 point), (wave 585nm)
    5. Glaucomatous sensitive damage area, (Nasal step), on left and right side of stimulus (16 point), (wave 585nm)
    6. 60° ~ 90° each side of stimulus 11 points, (wave 585nm)
     Total point 256 (including blind spot detection)
     Stimulus Intensity: 0.5 ~ 318nt (1.6 ~ 1000asb)
     Stimulus Duration:  0.1sec, 0.2sec, 0.5sec
     Stimulus Interval:  0.5sec, 1.0sec, 2.0sec
    YSMD-820 patient fixation monitoring Type 1  blind spot monitoring, warning for non-fixation
    Type 2 blind spot monitoring, warning, image and sound indication for non-fixation
    Voice indication and guidance, guide patient to be detected correctly
    In order to enhance the reliability, the technician can choose special point for reexamination
     Test Reports 1. Digital graph
    2. Two-Dimensions (Gray-scale) graph: 10°, 30°, 30° ~ 60°
    3. Symbol graph, quantitive test report
    4. MS, MD, Total loss, Average loss, Blind spot detection, corrected probability
    Statistical Analysis (T-test) available besides statistical graph

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